All about Paddington

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  2. Are you wanting us to post pics here of the colors we have photos of? If so, here's a blue (jeans moyen) paddy for your collection:
    Chloe Blue outside 3.jpg
  3. Here is my large whiskey zippy bouler...
    Chloe Large Bouler Double Zipper 009.jpg
  4. Mousse paddy :biggrin:
  5. Medium black zippy bouler and large noir zippy bouler...
    Chloe New 005.jpg
  6. White Paddington (really ivory colored)
  7. Chloe Shopping Tote in Blanc. Would help if I attached it. :shame:
  8. Here's the dark grey/new black. I just love her:love: :love:
    Paddy 017.jpg
  9. Non metallic anthracite (I think this is the same as the dark grey "Noir"), metallic anthracite, silver wallet.
    front.jpg P3030177.JPG P3090177.JPG
  10. Here's my whiskey paddy...

  11. ...and my choco paddy :love:

  12. Hi! I just posted this on my other thread, but here's my color...Sable! :biggrin:
    IMG_0154.jpg IMG_0156.jpg
  13. Two additional light colors...hobo in craie and zippy in blanc.
    Chloe 001.jpg Chloe Large Bouler Double Zipper 007.jpg
  14. Here is my Paddington satchel family! Noir, Whiskey, Chocolate (holding and sitting), and the "Brown" triplets (Tan, Chocolate, Whiskey).
    noir.jpg WhiskeyonTable.jpg chocki1.jpg Chocki2.jpg TheTriplets.jpg
  15. And here is my Box (Bowler). It is darker and less vintage looking than the traditional satchel.