All about Lady Lynch

  1. Lady Lynch was my first pair of Louboutin too : when I went to the first boutique in Paris, it was closed, but the LLs in the window caught my heart and I got them from another boutique right away!

    I think it became a classic : although they are from 2009, they've been available in nude and purple this season, and have been reedited in black too.
    They really are my dream shoe : skinny highest heel, and a round toe which is just almond-shaped enough to remain elegant, and round enough to make the feet so tiny and sexy! It's like they came from a drawing by John Willie :heart:
    They are really high though, and not a shoe to wear outside without practice.

    Danielle, are the lilac ones LLs? I didn't know this color exists! Do you know how the golden color is called, and what season it's from? I love it very much :cloud9: My favorite color so far is the 2009 red, looks like a toffee apple!
  2. Amazing! I can't believe I never knew this style existed until now!
    So I have a question....could anyone weigh in on the comfort level, comparable to other styles? Reason I ask is that there is a pair for sale in my size, but having never tried these on I am worried they will be too painful... I can easily walk in high styles, but sometimes the steeper pitched styles (for example fifis and biancas) cause pain in the ball of my foot after wearing them for a period of time. Would you say that if I ended up selling my Fifis (100mm, but really measure 110mm when I measured them) that the LLynch 120 will be too steep for me? Any help is much appreciated:smile: These are surely the "perfect stiletto" but can my feet handle them is the question...
  3. I have the LLZ, and i only wore them once.. and mostly i was seated.. So i cant actually tell how they feel walking or standing for a long period of time..
    I have the patent cranberry..
    But they are a GORGEOUS SHOE!!
  4. I don't think you should sell your fifis for lady lynch...
    I don't own any fifis but I wear a lot of 100mm Louboutins and walk with them very easily (simples, ron ron, triclo, you you...)
    I got a pair of lady lynch and had the very bad idea to put them on for a wedding... I stayed up for almost an hour and was hurting so much I could have cried... I ended up changing in my Armadillo and was to released...
    also it's very hard to walk in them just as pigalle 120...
    so my advise, if you manage and love pigalle 120 go for it, if not don't even think about it... I'm still thinking I should sell my Lady Lynch but they're so gorgeous I'm still holding on to them even though I really never wear them... HTH
  5. Some experienced high heel walkers report they love and can do anything in these shoes, but for most of us, they are of the "steep" category. I would say that they are far more treacherous than the Fifi...:p. I do not own the Fifi but have tried them, and own the Bianca. for me those are not steep like the LL.

    For me, in the LL, the pitch causes the toebox though round to be rather short. I must arrange my toe and ball into the front carefully before putting the rest of my foot into the shoe. They are considered the most "like" the Clichy, a discontinued, and considered by some next to the Pigalle the Ultimate Classic Louboutin.
  6. Thanks for the imput girls! I think I won't be brave enough to buy these without trying them on first. They are just so gorgeous its hard to resist...
  7. just wanted to bump this thread since there are lady lynch's in the Boutiques now :woohoo: just trying to figure out what size to get n will post pics as soon as I get them in my hands :graucho:
  8. I'm sooo excited they're back!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they're still available in my size when I visit the boutique in a couple of weeks. Like an idiot I passed on them last year when I was in Miami. I'm also hoping they're pretty comfy after a few hours of wear. I've been searching for my perfect black pair of closed toe CLs and these are it!
  9. Adctd, I am planning to take my Pigalle 120 size, a 36. My usual CL size is a 37-37.5 but I have weird feet... I have tried newer Pigalle 120's in a 36 that are too big.
  10. clichy is my style is more like the alti & declic
  11. ITA I think the sizing is the same as pigalle 120

    sorry but they're anything but comfy except if you find pigalle 120 comfy of course...
    I wore them to a wedding and I had to switch shoes because in less than an hour my ankles/feet were killing me...
  12. I jsut noticed that too! Time to buy my wife another pair of CLs!
  13. I'm so confuse right now. I own a pair of LL in black. I previously wanted a new pair in nude, simple pumps. But when I stepped into the store I saw LL nude which was beyond gorgeous. I know it's so hard to walk in LL :sad: But I can't resist its beauty.
    So should I buy another LL or Simple Pumps? Since it's shorter and comfier. HELP!!!
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    Hello Ladies!!!

    Would you kindly help me decide on the size for a pair of Lady Lynch please.
    I am a size 36 in Pigalili and Pigalle120 if that helps at all.

    I went to the boutique today and tried on a 36 and 36.5.

    36: My right foot has no problem, but my left which is approx. 2mm longer than my right hurts at the tip of my 3rd and 4th finger. It almost feels like my toes are squished against the leather.

    36.5: Heel slippage on both feet although not entirely unwalkable.

    Should I go for the 36 or the 36.5 or should I just give it up?
    I really do not want to give them up if possible. Wondering if getting the 36 professionally stretched would work.

    Rainy season just started and its raining like crazy making my feet swell up.  Doesn't help me trying to figure out my size!!! Help!!!

    Please give me your kind guidance.

    Thank you so much!!!
  15. I dont own any LLs but I have the same issue with my feet. Left is slightly bigger than right. It was exactly like what you are describing now for you 36 when I first get into my Elisa. But now they fit like a glove after a sweaty summer of wearing. they both mould to my feet. my Elisa is patent 100 if that matters... so i would really suggest 36 because you dont want any slippage right from the beginning. Refer to the famous Pigalle 120 club thread about that.. HTH

    Also - do you mind sharing where do you find the luck to locate a pair of LLs? I have been lucking for almost a year and never saw a pair of my size...

    Or does anyone know if LLs will be available anytime soon? :graucho: