All about Kerala

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    Please post photos of your bag here, also try and include as much info w/ it as possible for others to reference; price, color, style, etc . . . This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about the Kerala style!

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
  2. Here is the Kerala Hobo (courtesy of It retails for $1095- but I have to say, my favorite Kerala color is black!!! The dimensions listed on line are 13 3/5"H x 12 4/5"W x 6 2/5"D.

  3. This is the Kerala tote

  4. here's my baby! the kerala shoulder bag in small, bought off NAP
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Small Kerala in plum.




    k1.JPG k3.JPG k6.JPG k7.JPG
  7. Kerala in Taupe

  8. Kerala in Brown, Made in Italy ImageUploadedByPurseForum1431442335.101284.jpg
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