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    Please post information about your Edith along with your pic, thanks!

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
    edith 1.JPG edith2.jpg
  2. Here are my little Edith bunnies. :tender: I really need to take my grey out, she hasn't seen the light of day yet. :shame: Ok... I had to use this emote on here because I found it too funny. :feminist:
    GreyEdith1.JPG WEdith1.JPG
  3. Great idea Lord! And here's mine:love: I call her the mommy of my Chloes:P

    Blove, your bunnies need a sis - a choco sis:graucho:
    IMG_0219.JPG IMG_0225.JPG IMG_0217.JPG
  4. Here is my Edith but it is not the greatest pic. The color is much better in real life and takes on different tones under different lighting. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  5. Chocolate and Chamois - my girls.
    NewChamoisEdithHoldFurbie.JPG EdithNewScarf2Resize.jpg
  6. I think everyone has seen all my photo's before, but in any case here they are again. I got my Whiskey Edith first - I also ordered the Chocolate, but was told that my order didn't go through - 5 weeks later guess what showed up at my door. Although whiskey was my first choice the chocolate was too beautiful to let go.

  7. .........and mine (modeling one of many possible 'Edith looks' for PF'ers a few months ago).....

    chanel with edith.jpg
  8. Here's my medium turquoise Edith.. I actually tried to sell her- was thinking it wasn't for me. Somehow, I'm glad it didn't sell as the longer I have it, the more I like it. Am now looking forward to carrying it. It will be the first bag I break out for fall;)
  9. Here's mine. Funny how different tastes are because most of you choosed the most pebbled and slouchy one and I'm the total opposite I wanted her to have more structure and really even unpebbled leather. I actually like it that there's an Edith out there for everybodies taste.
    I took her out today after quite a while and I immediately fell even more in love. She's so soft and she smells so wonderful. Actually that's my bag where I get the most compliments for.:heart: :heart:
    Gaucho 011.jpg Gaucho 023.jpg
  10. Oh! Oh! Oh! I have a story! I saw the full page Chloe ad in various magazines, with Edith perched atop a pile of bags and know I had to have her! I enlisted the help of Purse Forum members to find out what the bag was called, then called all over the U.S. only to discover that the bag had pre-ordered and SOLD OUT everywhere! Well, finally an SA at the Chloe in SCP (?) took pity on me and gave me the numbers of some smaller boutiques that were going to have a handful of bags. I called and pre-ordered the LAST of the three bags that Ron Herman in SCP had ordered. That was in February. I had to wait a couple of months (I think it was around that time frame) for my bag to arrive. When she did, she had a black mark on the handle! It was from the "goo" that Chloe seals the leather edges with. So I called my SA and ended up keeping the bag and getting a discount for "the black spot." She is the perfect color, and I use her to lug around my stuff for teaching. This is one bag that I know I can use forever. Oh, and she goes on interviews, too!

    I also took a little "detour" with a chamois Edith, but ended up selling her to another tPF member. She was gorgeous and pebbly, but I could not justify two and the whiskey just went with more of my "stuff."

    P.S. - Turqouise Edith owners...I :love: :love: :love: your bags!
    Edithoutsidesun.jpg Edithoutsideshade.jpg Edith in chair 2.jpg Edith in chair side view.jpg Edith in Chair.jpg
  11. I am in agony here....I SO want an Edith. :crybaby: Any opinions on the new Edith Shopper on BG???
  12. I updated my photos to now instead of the day received, so Edith can be viewed in her "used" state. Both bags are unstuffed in the photos - I can't even get Chamois to sit up straight... she's a rumpled mess! Pardon the umade bed... it's laundry day!
    ChocoEdithSit.JPG ChamoisEdithSit.JPG ChamoisEdITHHold2.JPG ChocoEdithHold1.jpg
  13. count me in~~:yahoo:
  14. oh oh oh finally I can join as well!! :biggrin:
    YEY I love Edith!! We have such gorgeous bags girls....:yahoo:


  15. Joining the guys have seen her but here she is again...:heart: