All about DownTown

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I think its worth to document all sizes, colors and leather types...

    Please share your downtown photos & information you know...:heart:

  2. also pls ... put down any other questions you have ????
  3. I learned something ...
    thanks to member :Gingerale

    the difference between Buffalo and Cervo....
    the cervo is the one without the front pocket and it is much softer and floppier than buffalo. Texture is somewhat smoother & it's slightly pebbly too.

    attached some pics to show the diffrence ...

    cervo.jpg Buffalo .jpg
  4. other Q?? from
    DownTown - which one ? thread

    I think the downtown bag is soo perfect for a everyday bag ...

    I want to get my first DownTown ,,,

    SO DownTown Experts what do u advice ..
    which size ( meduim downtown or the large ) ?
    what's the most popular size \ color ?
    what's the classic colors ( timeless ) ?
    Type of leather ? ( shiny , croc , normal ,... )
  5. i love medium in ivory or black with buffalo...and i think those are most timeless.
    but i also think croc embossed in patent are so trendy and cool...
  6. Thank you so much for answering my question.:tup:
  7. Please everyone
    write done anything you know about DownTown , your thoughts or even any question u have ?
  8. Well I have been wanting the purple one since I've seen it on instyle magazine but I still have a feeling it'll be huge...even th medium size, but the purple colour is TDF!
  9. Well, I have a medium silver too and I really like it! I haven't actually carried it that often - I still need to get used to the size and shape of it.

    Another reason I won't carry a bag is rainy weather. I have a tendency to keep my bags at home when it rains, but one day I saw a woman carry the silver downtown on Fifth Avenue in the pouring rain! She had an umbrella but it didn't offer enough coverage and the water was dripping off the bag! Does this do any damage to the silver downtown?
  10. I saw the Violet Downtown in Patent today IRL and it was not the rich, dark eggplanty shade I've seen on tpf - I'm so dissappointed :sad:. I found myself gravitating towards the navy :drool:. So my question is: are there TWO different shades of Voilet? One darker and one lighter?
  11. downtowns Live from NM
    GetAttachment32.jpg GetAttachment21.jpg GetAttachment.jpg GetAttachment1111.jpg GetAttachment44.jpg

  12. I have the silver downtown and I've noticed that the silver finish is delicate. The corners are showing wear and tear and there are small chips on the handle. I'm not particularly hard on my bag but I did use my silver downtown almost daily for a couple of months. I don't think I would be brave enough to take out in the rain. :confused1:
  13. all i know about the downtown (not much):

    3 sizes: mini (hand-held), medium aand large. i prefer the medium because the proportions are most appealing -- i don't like the tallness of the large

    2 styles: pocket and no pocket (i believe that the patent versions have pockets on both sides)

    2 types of leather: deerskin and buffalo (i believe the deerskin is used only for the no pockets model)

    btw, has anyone bought/seen the Neiman Marcus exclusive version? i am very tempted but am generally afraid of haircalf (i hear it develops bald spots)
  14. any metallic color is a finish that is painted on to the leather rather than dyed in so i would actually think it would act like a shield against the rain. with that said, these finishes are delicate and can wear off with use (but i don't water alone would do it).