All about denim

  1. To all those who own denim bags, I need your opinion pls. I want to get denim baggy pm but I'm afraid that the color will fade after a while. And is it high to maintain? What are the other things that you have to keep up to after getting it? Is is worth the price knowing that you're paying for a denim and not a leather piece? THANKS!
  2. I've had my denim flat shopper for almost 2 years now and it still looks fantastic. I do take good care of it but the material is of excellent quality. In my opinion it has not faded at all. I have not had any spills on my bag so I don't know how to deal with that. But I'm sure LV SA can advise you in the unfortunate event should it happen. Go ahead and get it. It goes with everything.
  3. I have the pleaty but I haven't owned it for long enough to answer your question. It does cost a lot for the material that it is but I love it so much it's worth it in the end. Just make sure you really love it!
  4. I have a blue denim baggy pm and a green pleaty. I've had them for over a year and I haven't noticed any fading. I haven't done anything special to them as far as maintenance goes.
  5. i've had my blue denim mini pleaty for over a year now and it looks perfectly fine. i didn't do anything special to them, but i also don't toss them around either.
  6. Thank you for your suggestions.
  7. What happens if the denim gets wet in the rain....does it soak all the way through?
  8. would really hate that if it happens!:sad:
  9. I ever had Baggy GM fucshia and resell it before get faded, I scare to use it after see many on eBay with poor faded... SA said it's due to sun exposure and dirt stick on it
  10. I NEVER LIKED the denim but today, i am a changed woman. first i saw someone carrying one today and it looked soooo good! ( smile) then we went to the LV store and they brought out a black one and i do not remember the name nor can i find it online and dog goneit, i had at least 2 outfits in my head for it. it is now my obsession. i figure for the fall i will get it. i luv it! it is sooo nice.
  11. I have 3 denim patchwork speedy, denim neo speedy, and the new denim neo cabby. I've never had problems with fading. I throw them all around. It's very durable. Go for it....LV denim is one of my favorite lines. I get a ton of compliments because they're not all over the place like regular mono.
  12. i bought the blue Neo-Speedy when it was first released, and i think that it may be a little faded now, but it looks better. it has that well-loved look, but it doesn't look old, you know?
  13. I have a blue pleaty raye:heart: (as shown as my avatar :p). It's my favorite so I carried it a lot for 6 months or so. At first, I thought it has faded a little so I started using other purses that have been collecting dust. But now that I looked at it closely, it really hasn't! Lol. Here is a couple of comparison photos of inside and outside.

    I haven't done anything to maintain it.
    Pleaty comparison1.JPG Pleaty comparison2.JPG
  14. I have the blue baggy pm and I've been using it every day. It's very robust, I don't baby my bags, and it is still looking good. It IS a lot of money for denim and I was in two minds about buying it, but am glad I did.
  15. Thank you! ;)