All about damier ebene handbags

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  1. Just a question, with all the peeling/cracking issues of the Damier Ebene that we've all heard about in youtube videos and learned in various forums, do you think there are still DE models out there that are not having any issues at all? Well, we all know the difference between defect and wear & tear... we can point it out here so everyone who's planning to buy a DE bag could be warned at least. Those with DE handbags without problems are also welcome to join this forum.
  2. I have two of them, a Speedy and Siena and neither have any of the problems mentioned. Perhaps mine are too new to comment, have owned one for about 18 months and the other 8. I'm starting to wonder if climate is a factor- I'm in California and home is temperature controlled. There have been a lot of negatives stated about Empreinte as well, and my 1+ year old bag shows no sign of peeling either.
  3. I bought my DE neverfull mm mid 2014 and have used it just about 5 days a week since then as it is my work bag... No cracking.
  4. I thought LV had rectified this issue? My husband bought me a DE NF in October from London and I've used it a ton since, without babying it in the slightest, and there isn't even a hint of cracking. I swore I read LV addressed the coating they are applying to the handles so they aren't prone to the cracking issues anymore?
  5. I have only read about issues with the DE bags (seems like mostly Speedy and Neverfull). Any issues ever reported with cracking on the leather of the DE pochette NM or old version pochette? I'd like to get a pochette, but if there are some problems there too, I will probably look for preloved instead of paying for new. I don't know yet.
  6. The pochette doesn't have that much leather, and I don't think the strap will wrinkle that much, so I would go for it! :biggrin:

    Good luck deciding! :flowers:
  7. I love DE so far I haven't had any problems with my speedy b or my delightful although the delightful does have some wear on the trim but nothing major ... The Duomo is still to new !
  8. I think the problem was only on the DE Neverfulls a couple of years back. I think that problem has been resolved by LV. I'm a huge fan of the DE and none of my bags have this problem.
  9. I bought my DE Neverfull back in 2013 & I've never had any problems with the handles cracking. On my various trips, I've really overpacked it basically to the point of busting, too.

    My 2012 DE Speedy did have the cracking handles issue, but I think it was due to hand sanitizer and sunscreen usage.
  10. But 18 months is quite long already, its already past one year.
  11. Wow! Thats already 2 years... Dont you cinched it? Do you overload it?
  12. Whats the size of your NF? Do you cinched it? Do you overload it?
  13. I would like to get a DE NF GM but kinda afraid of all the issues and also they say its stiffer so kinda really digs onto your shoulder.
  14. But if it is due to sunscreen and sanitizer, why isnt it cracking your neverfull? I know its because you often use it as a shoulder bag but isnt it also being used handheld at times?
  15. I absolutely over stuff it all the time (it's now become a diaper bag since becoming a mummy 2 months ago) and have never babied it at all. I've never cinched it though! Just due to personal preference.