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    Please post photos of your accessories here, also try and include as much info w/ it as possible for others to reference; price, color, style, etc . . . This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about Chloe Accessories.

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
  2. Shoes are from 03-04 I believe

  3. Prince heels are from 06
    Chloe belt from 04

  4. Hello, :heart:

    my violet suede Chloe Camera Bag and Paddington heart keychain

    Suzanne :heart:
    Chloe1.JPG Chloe2.JPG Chloe3.JPG ChlCl2.JPG ChlCl1.JPG
  5. 1. Chloe Belt with Amber Resin, S/S '03 (matches Continental Wallet in Vintage Chloe thread).

    2. Black Leather Chloe Chain Belt, A/W '03-'04.

    3. Pale (greyish) Pink Nubuck Chloe Chain Belt, A/W '03-'04.
    Chloe Brown Leather Belt with Amber Resin ch.jpg Chloe Black Chain Belt copy.jpg Chloe Pink Chain Belt copy.jpg
  6. 1. Stella McCartney for Chloe Arrow Earring and Brooch.

    2. Chloe Skeleton Earring (given away as a gift at one of the shows).

    3. Chloe Eagle, Bat and Horn Pendants, A/W '03 - '04.

    4. Chloe Butterfly Choker Necklace, S/S '04.

    5. Chloe Snake Bracelet, S/S '04.
    Chloe Arrow Earring and Brooch ch.jpg Chloe Skeleton Earring ch.jpg Chloe Horn Pendants ch.jpg Chloe Butterfly Choker.jpg Chloe Snake Bracelet.jpg
  7. 6. Chloe Semi-Precious Stone Pendant and Ring, A/W '04 - '05.
    Chloe Semi-Precious Stone Pendant and Ring ch.jpg
  8. 1. Chloe Grecian Sandals, S/S '05.

    2. Chloe Red-Brown Boots (approx. 3" heel), A/W '05 - '06.
    Chloe Grecian Sandals copy.jpg Chloe Red-Brown Slouchy Boot with chloehandbags copy.jpg
  9. I just got my Chloe stuff today from the Aloha Rag's big sale!! :yahoo:

    Copy of IMG_1682.JPG Chloe brown paddington boots

    Copy of IMG_1677.JPG Copy of IMG_1681.JPG rouge Chloe clutch
  10. retro-line sunglasses in plum. $240

  11. 1. Chloe Brown Kerala Continental Wallet, A/W '07 - '08.

    2. Chloe Black French Wallet with Amber Resin, A/W '02 - '03.

    3. Chloe Brown Double C Elasticated Belt S/S '07.

    4. Chloe Brown Embroidered Monkey & Palm Tree Belt, S/S '02.

    5. Chloe Spider Cuff, S/S '02.
    Chloe AW '07 Kerala Wallet, ch, small.jpg Chloe AW '02 Black Wallet, cropped ch (small), cleaned-up clasp.jpg Chloe SS '07 Belt, ch (small).jpg Chloe SS '02 Monkey & Palm Tree Belt, ch (small).jpg Chloe SS '02 Spider Cuff, ch (small).jpg
  12. 1. Chloe Vintage Classically Styled Cuff (late '80s/early '90s).

    2. Chloe Skull Ring/Pendant (in Harvey Nichols Box) S/S '06.

    3. Chloe Charm Bracelet (with horn of plenty, skull & crossbones, key, peeled banana, microphone, nail and horseshoe charms), S/S '06.

    4. Chloe Kerala Horse Charm, A/W '07 - '08 (from Kerala Shoulderbag [posting here, just in case anyone needs a pic of one to help with authentication]).

    5. Chloe Turquoise and Green Beaded Keyring/Keychain, A/W '04 - '05.
    Chloe Vintage Cuff, ch (small).jpg Chloe SS '06 Skull Ring, chloehandbags (small).jpg Chloe SS '06 Charm Bracelet, ch (small).jpg Chloe AW '07 Kerala Horse Charm, rotated, cropped (chloehandbags), small.jpg Chloe AW '04 Blue & Green Beaded Keyring, ch (small).jpg
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    1. Chloe Cockerel Belt, A/W '01 - '02 (Stella McCartney for Chloe).

    2. & 3. Chloe Skull Pin, S/S '02.

    4. Chloe Heart Charm Bracelet, A/W '03 - '04.

    5. Chloe S/S '05 Charm Keyring (with horseshoe, flip-flop & skull & crossbones charms), S/S '05.*

    * Matches the charm bracelet in the previous post, which is also from S/S '05 (not S/S '06, as I mistakenly said! :shame: ).
    Chloe AW '01 - '02 Cockerel Belt (Stella McCartney) ch, small.jpg Chloe SS '02 Skull Pin (Brooch) ch, small.jpg Chloe SS '02 Skull Pin (Brooch), three quarter view ch.jpg Chloe AW '03 Heart Charm Bracelet ch, small.jpg Chloe SS '05 Charm Keyring ch, small.jpg
  14. 1. Chloe Champagne Oversized Coin Purse, S/S '05.

    2. Chloe Lock & Key Necklace, A/W '05 - '06.

    3. Chloe Fan Keyring, A/W '07 - '08.

    4. Chloe Enamelled Letter Charm Keyring, A/W '07 - '08.
    Chloe SS '05 Champagne Coin Purse ch, small.jpg Chloe AW '05 Lock & Key Necklace ch, small.jpg Chloe AW '07 Fan Keyring ch, small.jpg Chloe AW '07 Enamelled Letter Charm Keyring ch, small.jpg
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