All about Chanel

  1. Hi All! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

    First, I just came back from the sale at Holt's(for people in Canada) and there really wasnt anything good there. They had the small envelope bags on sale from $1850 to like $1295. They had some shoes and stuff but nothing looked too great. Overall, the Chanel "sale" pretty much sucked.

    Secondly, I got my first chanel for Christmas. My amazing boyfriend got me a black pst. I've been contemplating getting my first chanel for the longest time and now I have one, thanks to him. I love it!!!

    Last, I have a few questions:
    1. What are the colours for the reissues going to be in the spring? And does anyone know when the spring/summer stuff going to come out?

    2. I'm planning on going to the States in late Jan and I want to buy a Jumbo Caviar flap. Can someone tell me how much the jumbo caviar is now?

    Thanks so much everyone!!!
    Happy holidays!
  2. I agree with you.....not much of a sale at Holt's :sad:

    I know that bright colours will be in spring 2008 and some grey and beige/brown. I would say gold jewelery.
  3. Hi Goldw. Congrats on the black pst!

    Off the top of my head, the reissue colours are bright gold, dark green, bronze, black, dark red. I'm sure there are more but can't seem to recall them all now. I think if you do a search under this forum for 'spring 2008 colors' a few useful threads might pop up.

    Act I of Spring/Summer 08 will be from Jan-Feb and Act II from March-May.

    Sorry can't be of more help on the other question.

    Happy holidays! :smile:
  4. Ohhhhh, what colors were the envelope bags? Do they ship to the US??
  5. There was a off-white one and black one.
    I don't know if they ship to the US or not but you could try calling them to see if they will. Just go to and get the number for the Toronto - Bloor street store.
  6. Grey is coming out in spring? For what bags?

  7. Chanel quilted bag. But I also meant clothing.
  8. It's $2650 usd.