All about Chanel

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  1. There is a special issue on Chanel in a local magazine in Hong Kong so I would like to share some of the pics with you.

    _MG_5866.jpg _MG_6074.jpg 7458977.jpg 7468103.jpg PMC_A35510.jpg
  2. Handbags
    _MG_2920.jpg _MG_2923.jpg _MG_2925.jpg PMC_A35454.jpg PMC_A35487.jpg
  3. Thanks for sharing! I love this...when was this released??

  4. This is original 2.55 by Coco Chanel
  5. Shoes - the original two-tone shoes by Coco Chanel
    7185315.jpg 7410383.jpg
  6. Shoes
    _MG_2886.jpg _MG_2890.jpg _MG_2894.jpg _MG_2896.jpg _MG_2898.jpg
  7. More Shoes
    _MG_5945.jpg 01_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg 02_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg 05_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg 06_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg
  8. Shoes - Here are some of my favourites.
    19_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg 23_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg 25_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg 27_Shoes_FW_0708.jpg
  9. Accessories.
    _MG_5919.jpg _MG_2830.jpg _MG_2832.jpg _MG_2834.jpg _MG_2836.jpg
  10. More accessories..
    _MG_2838.jpg _MG_2839.jpg _MG_2844.jpg _MG_2852.jpg 7582232.jpg
  11. Fab pic's thanks for posting
  12. Thanks for taking the time to post shopgirl bb.
  13. love the shoes!!! thANks
  14. Some pics of celebrities in HK wearing Chanel.
    7171211.jpg 7143030.jpg 7350055.jpg 7479357.jpg 7585533.jpg
  15. I'm really feeling the fur one. I couldn't ever imagine saying that I was a fan of a fur covered bag, but there's just something about it! Thanks so much for sharing :tup: