All about Chanel- Part 2, more pics on bags, clothes and shoes!!!!

  1. Here are more new pics on the Fall Winter Collection. Hope you all enjoy it!!:tup:
    23ee6p2.jpg 23ee6p1a.jpg 23ee6p3a.jpg 23ee6p6a.jpg 23ee6p9a.jpg
  2. If you enjoy this thread, there are more pics of bags, accessories and shoes on the thread "All about Chanel" posted earlier this week. :yahoo:
    23ee6p7newa.jpg 23ee6p8.jpg 23ee6p10a.jpg
  3. Mini Coco's Croco
  4. thanx for posting pics
  5. Mini Coco's Croco
  6. Thanks for posting! BTW, shopgirl bb, I absolutely LOVE that brooch in your avatar!
  7. Thanks for the pics~
  8. Thanks for sharing shopgirl bb!
  9. You can copy the pics of the brooch in my other thread "All about Chanel". There are more lovely brooch there.

  10. ooooh i love that brooch too!
  11. Great pictures. It's so nice to see Chanel stuff, I hate their website! Your pictures are much MUCH better :tup:
  12. I love that little dangling chain evening bag! :heart:
  13. Thanks for sharing!
  14. just when you think the coco croco cant get any better, they bring out a mini one, sigh.......................... :biggrin: