All About Brows

  1. Tell me what you do to them! I actually never did anything to my eyebrows for the longest time because I had no idea what to do. When you look back on my old photos, my eyebrows are so unkept.

    Nowadays, I try to keep mine looking natural but groomed. I tweeze and follow the natural arch. Occassionally, I do threading.

    For color, I use Bare Escentuals eyebrow powder in dark blonde. It looks very natural.

    What do you ladies do?
  2. My friend uses it. First she shapes her brows be coloring the hairs she's gonna remove(the color is the same as skin tone), then removes them by this razor.

    She can't do any threading because is damages her skin. It looks exactly the same!
  3. ^ I've tried shaving too and I love it. I don't have a nice natural arch, so I can't follow the arch and just pluck the excess. In the parts of Asia that I have been to, beauticians shave your eyebrows with this tiny little razor. I love my eyebrows after I have this done - it's a completely new shape that I wasn't born with and somehow looks morenatural than my actual natural brow shape! It lasts for about two weeks before I have to start plucking the hairs as they grow back.

    The problem with it is that I can't so it myself unless I want to end up with half an eyebrow, so the "shaves" are few and far between. Also, I can't maintain it for too long afterward, as some of the hairs are not actually removed, they are just trimmed.
  4. Oh, I forgot - that sephora thing is the razor LOL - that's exactly what they use!
  5. ^ My mom used to use that method before she got her eyebrows permanently tattooed or whatever it's called. It seemed like it was really quick and simple (the razor thing, I mean lol)... maybe I will get around the asking her how. :yes:
  6. i would love to get my eyebrows tattooed, but i'm scared to!!

    I get them shaped every once in a while, tinted every few weeks,and in between shaping i just tweeze them. I also use Benefit's brow kit.
  7. I get them shaped every time I go for a facial and I'll do the strays myself in between sessions. I LOVE the look of clean well-groomed brows. I think it makes a huge difference!

    I fill mine in with either powder or pencil. I tend to rotate between powder from MAC, pencil from MAC or Dior. They're all difference shades of brown so it depends on how much makeup I'm wearing that day (i.e. darker browns for more makeup)
  8. ^ I have that, but I don't use it on brows... I use it for those random hairs that seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes :shame:

    I have naturally thin brows, but they're scraggly so I just wear clear mascara on them. I have to wait a long time for the hair to grow in before I can do any tweezing, so I can only do it ~once a month. I've been thinking about colored powder, because I need to do something different but IDK what :s...
  9. I used to get my brows waxed, but my skin is sooooo sensitive to the wax that I stopped. I bought brow stencils by Anastasia at Sephora, and I use those now. They are awesome!

  10. ^^^I also use the Anastasia stencils, and I'm really happy with my brows.
  11. Exactly the same, but I do it at home, because I don't trust anybody, when it comes to my face. I have three different tweezers and it works very well.
    add. to the Brow kit I take a browpencil for the upper line to look more groomed. And sometimes a clear brow gel before I start to fix all brows in the position I want them to be.
  12. I get them threaded every two weeks. I fill in the sparse areas with a YSL eyebrow pencil.
  13. I tweeze my eyebrows. I have to do it pretty often, because they grow really fast. I don't fill them in, because they're already pretty dark.
  14. I get them threaded every 3 to 4 weeks, love how threading makes my brows look.