All about Bracelet Bags

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    Please post photos of your Bracelet Bag(s) here.

    Please try to include as much info about them as possible (i.e. season, colour, style, price, etc.) .

    This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about Bracelet Bags.

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter:smile:
  2. Chloe Black & Gold Bracelet Bag with Green Beads (36cm wide), S/S '04:
    Chloe SS '04 Black, Green and Gold Bracelet Bag, cropped, ch (small).jpg
  3. 05 F/W Blue Satin Bracelet Bag, bought from a tpf'er and I love her!! :heart:

    Bracelet Bag.jpg
  4. Newly acquired... Chloe makes me fall in love all over again:heart:
    Cream/off-white leather bracelet bag.