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    Please post photos of your bag here, also try and include as much info w/ it as possible for others to reference; price, color, style, etc . . . This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about Bettys.
    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
  2. This is my Spring Summer 06 Ivory Betty in the larger size (Spring medium size, summer large size). I got her on sale for 40% off when Nordstroms first did their sale. So she ran me a little over $1k. Not bad for a bag that started at $1900+. She is absolutely perfect for me since she is nice and squishy.
  3. Here is my betty.. I think it's SS 06 too. It's a medium black. I paid beaucoup dollars on this baby because it's soooo hard to find a medium.. Don't regret it at all. Very durable bag and it's petite enough to bring w/ me everywhere.

  4. Here's my small size black patent betty. She is totally stunning in real life and the patent leather is very shiny. A fellow purse forumer said that Chloé do the best patent leather and I agree 100%. :yes: I am completely over the moon with her. Please do not be fooled by the dimensions of the small betty. It is like a tardis-looks small but fits loads of stuff into it. I think it is the perfect size (and I am used to toting around my Chloé paddingtons or Fendi spy) and I can easily fit my purse/wallet, keys, make up bag, mobile, umbrella, perfume and other bits of junk in without any hassle. I LOVE the details such as the little purse and the pockets. This bag is a dream and I shall never part with her! I am SO glad that I waited for the black patent as I think it is by far the best betty.
    O.k, here are the pics, and the dimensions of this bag are: Height: 7.3 inches, Length (measured across the top of the bag): 11.7 inches, Diameter: 5 inches. All measurements are approximately done and I have not taken into account the pockets when measuring diameter. The handles are approx 8.5 inches drop.
    I purchased my betty from the cricket boutique in Liverpool.
    small betty 1.jpg small betty 2.jpg small betty 3.jpg small betty 4.jpg
  5. large black betty (purchased on sale from kirna zabete but i believe it currently retails for about $1800) and for size reference i'm between 5'5" and 5'6"...
  6. Here's my small Betty from spring collection 06. I just bought her from a bag addict like me on a German bag forum. I paid 550€ instead of the original price 950€. The best things is she's brand new. The leather is so soft and I just love her.:heart: I agree that the small is pretty big and holds a ton. It holds about the same as my Bbag city. I'm so glad that I found her because I always loved the Betties without the big rings. So I guess me and her we were just meant to be:yes:
    betty 004.jpg Bettyj.peg.JPG
  7. Betty hobo in chamois, purchased brand new from a fellow PFer, retail $1430
    DSC_00013.JPG DSC_00014.JPG
  8. Here's my small Betty patent bag in dark red from Fall '06. It retails for $1250. Totally in love, the color is awesome and it's just the right size. The only problem is that the front and back of the bag are identical so I get the pockets mixed up. But otherwise...yea, crazy about this bag. It's very light, too. I'm including two pics of me holding her. I'm 5'5.
    DSC00554-1.jpg DSC00555-1.jpg DSC00553.JPG DSC00557.JPG DSC00558.JPG
  9. chain strap black patent betty, purchased on sale from kirna zabete, retails for approx $1800...
    betty chain.jpg
  10. I just purchased this Bordeaux patent Betty last week at Saks in Chicago. I think it is Fall 2006, but I do not know enough about this style. Anyway, It's retail price was $1850.00, but I lucked out and grabbed it for $725.00 and had it shipped home to avoid the sales tax.:yahoo:
    I will post more photos up close when I have someone to assist me.
  11. My Betty Hobo, medium, bought on sale in Kiev, Ukraine on 20th of January 2007 for around 795$. First the price was like 2 times more.
    b1.JPG b2.JPG betty.JPG betty hobo.JPG
  12. Here's betty carried by a footballer's wife: Ain't she beautiful? (from fashionspot)

  13. I like them without the rings! Although the rings are very pretty too!!

    Here's my ivory large Betty, I Love the color, it was much creamier than I expected when I got it....kinda like french vanilla or a very pale creamy yellow, a favorite color of mine so it was an added bonus because I expected it to just be an off white based on the Bergdorf Goodman online picture. And looking at this picture a camera just doesn't do it justice, it's much more creamy than what it shows up as....
  14. Here is my Spring '06 Large Chocolate Betty. Retail was about $1900 but I bought her @ 70% off:
    betty front1.jpg
  15. my metallic betty, isnt she pretty??:smile: