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Jan 18, 2006
Please post photos of your bag here, also try and include as much info w/ it as possible for others to reference; price, color, style, etc . . . This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about the Ava style.

PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
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After much thought I've decided that my next Chloe bag will be the Ava in black. That soft lamb's leather is just gorgeous. The diabo picture I think says it all...remember picture this purse in black (not that the brown is too shabby;) ).

Just got her! Wanna see her?? :yahoo:

She's NOT as heavy to begin with as a Paddy, which was good because I tend to fill bags up. The colour looks nice against brown heels; colour is "antelope", a little more tan and less gold/orange than whiskey. My pics make it look darker than it is, it's closer to the pro shots from NM.

And best of all - tall, STRONG :biguns: straps that make me feel more confident I can put my stuff in it! The reinforced shoulder strap is a bonus. I realize it makes me sound paranoid, but after losing one bag to weak straps I'm not about to do it again. :Push:

So - I'm in love! Viva l' Ava! :heart:


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Just got my first Ava in the mail an hour ago.
She is just like yours Angelfish but this time in mocha.
THe leather smells and feels wonderful... really much softer than the paddington.
The removable straps and option to carry by hand is a plus... especially with dresses.. nicer to carry it as a handbag!!!
well here she is!!!

Oh, and I got it from Saks 5th San Diego... I live in Oregon and they gladly overnighted the bag for me!!!


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