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    Please post photos of your bag here, also try and include as much info w/ it as possible for others to reference; price, color, style, etc . . . This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about the Ascot style bags.

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
  2. I guess I will be the first to post! :wlae:

    Here is my small black Ascot tote. I bought it at Nordstrom in July 2006, for $820. She was my first Chloe. :love:
    Chloe water 3.jpg Chloe water 1.jpg Chloe outfit 1.jpeg Chloe outfit 2.jpeg
  3. chloe ascot medium regular tote in dauphin grey, spring 2006 i believe, discontinued style, retailed $995.

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Here's some photos of my 2005 Ascot in Mastic--it's puddy colored with slightly flesh tone undertones. It measures 15" wide x 9" tall and is 11" deep when fully stuffed.
    CIMG1448.jpg CIMG1483.jpg CIMG1486.jpg CIMG1494.jpg
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Burgundy ascot: