All About Apple Garde Spray, Conditioner, Care, Steps & Tips for Use

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  1. For those of you who have used Apple Guard, have you ever used it indoors? The only product that I have ever used on my bbags until now is the Apple Conditioner, but I just recently purchased both the LMB for Handles Only and Apple Guard because I've become concerned that the conditior alone may not be enough to prevent the handles from darkening over time. I've done a lot of research on the Apple Guard and a few people have mentioned that it is very toxic and should only be used outdoors. Has anyone ever used this product safely indoors?
  2. I use this on all of my bags & shoes. I've applied in indoors w/no problem. It smells a little vingar like but by no mean toxic compared to many of the other products out there.
  3. I've not used it indoors. I'm sure there wouldn't be a HUGE problem, but just to be safe, (see posting by bama - the dangers of rain repellant sprays) I'd rather do it outdoors.

    Would it be a huge problem to do it ourdoors for ya?
  4. hey ladies,

    i bought my bbag about 3 months ago but didn't realize that i should have protected it the second i bought it! :cursing:

    i want to protect it as soon as possible, but i read in a thread that applegarde should only be used on brand-new bags....what should i do?
    i use my b-bag about once a week so its not brand-spanking new, but its not noticably used there a special step i should take to get rid of the existing dirt on it before i applegarde it (wiping it down with something)? or should i just go ahead and spray it?

    thanks in advance! i wish i had visited this branch of the forum when i first got my bag! :crybaby:
  5. Theres appleguard lotion too... you might want to apply that first then use the spray. :yes:
  6. I read a thread earlier - a girl had used the cleaner on her handles and it darkened them, so I would not use that unless it is an emergency! I would have thought that it would be ok to use the spray protector straight away, providing there are no marks/stains that you want to remove...if it is in near new condition then I would have thought a clean up with a soft dry cloth would be ok beforehand. What are the handles like?
  7. The spray is also very strong... if you choose to use that.. please spray from at least a 6-10inch difference. ;)
  8. oooh thanks! :party:

    im so scared im going to ruin it!!!! with my luck, my truffle bag will react funny and turn orange or something :push:

    just one more quick how long should i wait in between applegarde coatings? i was a little seemed like the girls in the ohter threads waited between 1-2 hours to about 24 hours between applegrade coat applications...
  9. I just got my applegarde in the mail and I'm about to spray my beloved ocean first. (I tested the spray on the back of the mirror and it is drying as we speak). The directions on the spray say to wait at least 30 minutes before applying a second coat.

    I also read the thread about one girl's handles darkening and I'm not sure now if I should spray the handles.
  10. oooh okay! thanks! :smile:
  11. Since I've heard so many positive things about the AG spray I decided to order it as I want to make my first repellent to stain and rain. Unfortunatly they wont ship AG overseas because of the aerosol. But Kevan (from Luggage & leather) says that the apple leather care will do the same (meaning repel rain and stain). And that the only difference is that I'll have to reapply it every few months.

    What is you experience with the apple leather care? -will it do the same as the apple garde spray? I don't want to use it if it darkens the bag or removes the lovely Balenciaga shine on the bag.

    If not, what product would you recommend instead?
  12. Apple Garde... comes w/ the lotion & rain repellent spray. The lotion will moisturize the bag, and protect it somewhat from dirt, water, etc. But the lotion is used more as a moisturizer.

    The rain repellent spray.. is used as a protectant from water, dirt, oil, etc. Given from past experience.. if you do obtain the spray.. a little goes a long way.. and it should be sprayed from a 6-10 inch difference. The smell is really strong.

    I prefer a few products from LMB ( I like there pro-treatment as a protectant & moisturizer at the same time.. and the For handles only.. (when used correctly) & the Silk Serum. I do NOT recommend the Shine Restore. The scent is pretty perfumeee in the beginning but wears off after a week. Good luck~!
  13. Uh it is so confusing.... I just want a protectant to repel rain an stain. I would have loved the apple spray but the won't ship it to Dk so it is not an option....
  14. But I would hate if the protectant I end up using would make my bag completely matte. I would like a little shine left.