All about APC (or A.P.C. )!


Jul 22, 2010
I see there are few threads about APC (Atelier de Production et de Creation) founded in Paris in 1987, and they are dispersed in various forums and hard-to-find depending on if the periods are used or not. Mods, please feel free to collapse this into an existing thread if appropriate!

Anyhow, this brand deserves its own thread! The Demi-Lune (half moon) and Grace bags are contemporary classics imho and I’ve been eyeing them for a long time. Finally pulled the trigger on a mini Geneve and am thrilled!

My collection was lacking a small neutral day-to-evening option and the Geneve in noisette (hazelnut) fits the bill perfectly - a touch more polished than the Demi-Lune and a bit more casual than the Grace. I can carry this crossbody with athleisure for a quick trip to the grocery store or dress it up on the shoulder for a night out.

First impressions: the leather is sturdy, actually quite stiff. Many have said that APC’s smooth leather is like box and is prone to scratches. I suspect it’s been coated because running my nails over it doesn’t do a thing…I think more pressure would be needed to create an actual scratch. The card that came with the bag says the leather will develop a patina and should be treated regularly so I will buff it with conditioner.

The color is gorgeous - a rich brown that skews reddish depending on the light. The stitching and edge coating is impeccable, but I will have to be careful when pulling the strap through the clamps on the top handle, and also when setting the bag down as it sits right on the edges at the bottom. It doesn’t carry a lot but just for going out with my phone, card case and lipstick, it’ll be perfect!

For reference, I’m 5’6”. Please share your APC bags here!

A5F533AD-7470-4C0C-BBA5-1368BD6485B5.jpeg BDECF07B-8E37-4EA8-85C9-F87E9225D6B7.jpeg D2DAB595-6EC7-4176-8B2B-5579ABD13BFF.jpeg 74F85B48-DE7A-46B3-877B-BEE14C8A5865.jpeg D78E8341-2DCB-4C48-86C2-06C67261DBA9.jpeg