Alittle help pls.

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Help pls!

  1. Return the flower sophia

  2. Buy the XL PYTHON poppy spotlight

  3. kepp the flower sophia, and hope she will not fall apart

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  1. Return my flower sophia
    buy the python XL poppy spotlight
    keep the flower sophia

    I really love the look of the sophia, I just keep thinking that she'll fall apart. I also love the python look of the spotlight, both bags are 798. As y'all know i like the more funky bags, but i just dont know what to do.....
    Thanks for the help.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Sorry friend - I dont care for either one - sorry I am not help
  4. Aww, thats ok lady, Hey Iam still going to get the madison shoulder bag in like that one, right?:biggrin:
  5. Hard decision after reading posts about quality of the flower sophia. I don't like having to worry about whether bags are going to peel or get dirty or get damaged...

    However while I think the purple python is very pretty...I think it also more "trendy" bag whereas the sophia will be a bag you could carry years from now and it would still be attractive.
  6. Thats very true, and the spotlight is more trendy...I might get sick of it really fast:thinking:
  7. Well, in my opinion...maybe you could return Sophia, get the clutch instead AND the Spotlight? I think the spotlight is more "you", however the Sophia is so popular.
    The clutch is huge, and gorgeous. If you can afford both, then that is my vote. This will allow you to keep some form of Sophia, but not an $800 bag you have to constantly worry about.
    My two cents.
  8. Since you like the trendier styles, I say go for the Python Spotlight. It's a stunner and it's one that almost no one else will have. Python is so in, I don't think you'd get sick of it right away. It's a nice color palate too, it's not like neon or something that would get obnoxious :P Return the Floral Sophia and pre-empt the problems it may have...

  9. I LOVE THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She makes me need my tank everytime I look at her
  10. Well i think i'll keep the sophia, My SA said they have not sold any python spotlight and i might see it at the outlet!!!
  11. Keep the Sophia... She's gorgeous! If she falls apart, return her and buy something else... Best of both worlds.
  12. Um can I get another choice - I don't like either. Sorry:shrugs:
  13. If your really not feeling the sophia, I'd return her and get something else.. that XL Python is actually really pretty IRL. If you think you'll use her, then go for it!
  14. ITA! I think there have been alot of quality issue's with the Floral Sophia.(but, who knows, you may not have any problems with yours)I say get what you can get now, who knows if a certain bag you want now, will be there later.You are a Flashy kinda girl, like PickyCoachLover!You have to get what You will love Crystal, and something that will keep your Interest:smile:
  15. I say return the floral sophia and buy the python spotlight!