alittle help please...

  1. hi everyone... i just fell in love with this bag when i seen it on another post (30+ pic....):love: it is the most adorable thing ever! Just one thing thou... does anyone know the price and the name of this lovely bag??? THANKS!!!:smile:

  2. Thats the baby animals tote. Not too sure of the price but i think it waa above $2k. Do a search for baby animals in the forum.. i think the price was mentioned somewhere. :yes:
  3. oh yes very cute bag!!
  4. Yes, it is the Baby Animals Tote. I purchased the Baby Animals Classic Flap, and it was $1595.00 USD. I know Claudia said the tote was like $600.00 more I think????
  5. eeeeeeeek! Penny, the adorable baby animal bag is following us, just enlarged into a tote :hysteric:

    this bag is $2,250, without tax, but if you can swing that amount for a cotton bag and you love the print (it also comes in the black baby animal color), its great...also it comes with a light pink shoulder strap inside the bag and there is a gold CC h/w logo on each side pocket . There is a pink baby ladybug charm dangling from the zipper with a black enameled CC on the owl. i mean ladybug :p
    NM carries the bag, Saks does not, but Saks has the equivalent diaper bag which is bigger than this one, doesnt have the outside pockets, but is still darn cute at $1,575 and can be worn as a purse, but its big in the e/w way, not in the baby whale way like the Coco Cabas

    let us know if you get it! its a great bag
  6. thanks a bunch ladies for your help... i really appreciate it!;) its hard because i live on the big island of hawaii and the only chanel boutique is on Oahu... pretty much TPF is the only way i can get info about these lovely bags... this purse is really beautiful... its going to take me a while to save up for this beauty...:s