Alittle help on buying Mono Speedy 30

  1. Hi there... Im on the lookout for my first Louis Vuitton purse and after lurking alot on the site and seeing what you guys say, so many of you think the Mono Speedy 30 is the perfect first LV purse.

    Now I need a bit more advise... I am on a definately budget. I am just a student but I would really love to have a piece of luxury like LV. Should I buy new or used? Used on Ebay? I know a few my poupette recommended sellers but I am worried about some of the bags and the extremely dark handles: is this something I can clean? (Im not talking about the patima, Im thinking the handles that are almost completely black). Is there any hope for these?

    Any thing else I should know about these bags? What price range should I be looking to spend on one? I dont mind a used bag with some character, I just don't want one that is completely beat up and basically done.

    Thanks for your help! Lisa
  2. Black handles??? Eww, I would buy it from eluxury or the boutique. I know that's not much help since your on a budget, but I can look on ebay and post some auctions for you of some speedies with nicer handles!
  3. There isn't a way to clean the handles. You can have the handles replaced though. I say buy new. For a little more money you can have one that was never used and you can start a relationship with LV. But, it's up to you.
  4. I think you should buy new. Since it is your first piece of LV, you can rest assure that your piece is authentic as you would purchase it from eLuxury or a reputable Louis Vuitton carrier (i.e. Saks Fifth Avenue). In addition, it is such a nice experience buying it from the store.

    I am a student, too, so I can totally understand being on a tight budget. I highly recommend saving up a small percentage of your paychecks (or allowance) and putting it towards the LV handbag you want, in your case, a Speedy 30. This method works best for me.

    Good luck :smile:.
  5. get a new one. ..... since you can get it new, you shoudl really just get it. if what you want is discontinued, i guess you don't have a choice b/ to buy it off ebay..but ....speedy...get a new one :smile:
  6. You will pay at least 400 for a used one.. I say save for a few more weeks and get the new one for 220 more... that way you know it's new and authentic... for your first one you should def have the experience of going in to the store... trying on bags and then buying...
  7. im a uni student. definitely on a budget too. my first bag is the mono30, and i saved up months for it! i bought it new from the store. n i definitely love the experience. go to the store, u can ask for the catalogue and the box as well. how nice!!! definitely worth waiting a few more weeks to get it love.
  8. I agree with most of the people who have already posted-- buy new. That will make your purchase seem all the more special (saving up for it and going through the whole store experience-- the SA's are so nice it'll just complete your LV experience).
    And you don't want to have the nagging worry in the back of your head that your first purchase may be fake..

    My first one was a white MC alma from ebay and I really think it's fake... and therefore don't use it.. it looks authentic but somehow I always wonder...

    Save yourself from the worries and get pampered at a LV store if there's one near you!
  9. go new you will be so happy...I love my new mono Speedy 30....blonde handles...used ickkky handles would drive me nuts and I would end up not using the bag. The best part of the experience is watching your bag patina!!!! Good luck!!!!
  10. Go for the new one!!! It will be so worth waiting a little longer to save up for it. You wont regret it! :smile:
  11. I say buy a new one too!!!

    If you're really dead set on buying used then you can clean the handles with baby wipes (someone else on here started a thread about this - it's really something worth checking out). Black handles won't come completely clean but you can get a lot of dirt off handles if you're persistent.

    Whatever you decide....good luck and have fun!!!
  12. It's something worth having. I'd say go for the new one.......
  13. save, save, save & get a new one. you'll feel so much better about it--i promise!
  14. I am a student and a stay at home mom as well and I saved saved saved for my mono speedy 30 (which i bought last week) and it was definently worth buying it new! I kept telling my husband to let me buy it off of let-trade or ebay but he kept telling me that since it was my first LV then I should definently go through the whole store experience. And boy was he right! :smile:

    So I say go new!! There is no other feel like it in the world not having any doubt that your bag is real.