Aliigator Neo Speedy Me want! Anyone have?

  1. I want a denim alligator neo speedy....I love the red alligator trim with the denim! or have you seen one IRL or 4 sale?

    no one may sell or buy here
  2. Ohhh, I can so relate, one of my big regrets, I had a chance to preorder one, and passed!

    This is a very rare bag, I know at Valley Fair, which is a high volume store, they brought the bags in on a preorder basis. I think they sold 2.
  3. OMG!!! I am on a quest for one as well!!!:nuts: LOVE them!!! Good luck hunting one down!!!:yes:
  4. g luck with your hunt!!! I have never seen one it in one of the uma thurman ads by any chance??
  5. No, Uma is holding Sac Fermoir and I think it's Cerises (but there is also a denim one as well).
  6. ^^ Oh, yea, that's much better! I can't believe how expensive these are!
  7. No the alligator denim neo speedy is just like the neo speedy that is available now however, rather than the vach leather it is red alligator.

    I just spoke with a re-seller I know in germany and 1.800 and they both told me this bag was not released for sale it was a runway bag only:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: I could have sore this bag was release or am I thinking of the Sac fermoir

    here is a pic from (sorry it's not that good)
  8. so pretty!!!!!!!!
  9. No, it was released. I remember it being on the vuitton site for awhile.
  10. Oh that is hot!
  11. I wonder if I could special order a denim neo speedy with red alligator trim??
  12. oh oh here's a better pic.....I want it sooooo bad....please help me find one!!!
  13. Why don't you email Karen Kooper! If anyone would know about this bag, I bet she would for sure!!!:graucho: