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  1. Ok... I know that on the large signature print authentic bags have the CC that is lined up in the middle and works its way out. But many of the Mini Signature things don't....

    Is there a fast way to authenticate Mini Signature items?
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  3. :graucho: Make yourself useful or something...gosh!!!
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  5. I don't know how to post the great link that Bag Fetish did, but, I looked in the FAQ section and found this:
    "Authenticating a Coach product
    Please visit our Authenticate This! thread at the top of the Coach Shopping sub-Forum for specific questions (posting multiple pictures helps a lot, as well as posting eBay auctions, etc).
    In general, signature pieces are easiest to determine authenticity, signature bags are always symmetrical and a mirror image of the other side. This is usually easy to spot, counterfeiters usually don't get this right.
    Also, signature bags do not also have signature linings. And in all bags, there is a creed with a stamped serial number. No creed in a bag = FAKE."

    Hope this helps.
  6. MOST of us are here to support and help each others, including newbies. I know that nobody here would have viewed it and maliciously left it alone if they knew the answer or a link. Not to mention, the link isn't necessarily answering the op's question. Negativity isn't going to help a dang thing. :tdown:

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  8. Very well put...thanks Fields!!! :tup:
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  10. I'm definitely not an expert.... but i stay away from just about any Coach Signature items that do not have the C's lined up.. its just screams "fake" to me... and i'd rather stay away than risk it...

    The only exception for me is the optic styles...

    if u have something in mind and you arent sure, get a pic of it and post it in the Authenticate This links that was posted earlier... the ladies here are quite nice!!! lol, usually! or you might try comparing the item to those that are already posted here... or on the coach website...

  11. I had a mini signature east west duffle from the outlet and the c's did line up in the middle seam but not on the edges.. and along the top it wasn't perfect. I know for a fact it was real though. If you can get to an outlet you can find some good Mini Sig Stuff there and you will have not doubt about authenticity. Otherwise, I ask on the authentication thread.
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