Aligator birkin? autentication question

  1. My mom and I came accross a shop in Tokyo that sells birkins and kellys. We checked it out and the seller said it's authentic. However, on the aligator birkin (that we thought was croc) had two dots after the "hermes" stamp (It look like "Hermes.."). Does anyone know anything about this? Do you guys think the bags are fake or authentic?? There are a bunch of birkins and kellys in that shop including some lizard birkins in various colors.
  2. Hermes has two dots, or a - or a square or a ^ after the stamp, depending on the kind of exotic skin used.
    So there is a chance that the bags were indeed authentic but you cannot be sure unless you buy directly from the boutique.
  3. Thank you for the info! I'll check that shop again if i have the time tomorrow :smile: