Aliens Return!

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  1. They said thats it, we want the eyeshadow.. it is what makes the best fuel for their space ships.. So.. we need to only keep ONE!!! You can keep the urban decay primer, they said that clogs up the carbon cables.. but just one shadow and make it quick, they are angry.

    good heavens .. I think Gleam from MAC.... eek
  2. Do shadow duos or quads count? Like if it's one little container with multiple shades :graucho:
  3. hmm not sure I will ask.. hold on................................................................................

    nope no duel quads.. they must take as much as they can, just ONE.. eeek
  4. Eeeeeek :shocked:

    I guess I'd choose something that's dark enough to line my eyes with... Probably Too Faced Dirt Bag Couture. It's got subtle shimmer and it's not suuuuper pigmented, so it can go on light or dark depending on how much color you want. It's neutral enough to be worn with pinks which is a plus:tup:

  5. Hard Candy - Techno
  6. nars key largo! i know that's a duo, but they could take the beige shade if the aliens start getting hostile with me.
  7. ^ :lol:
  8. These aliens are mean, but I turned on the waterworks & my alien felt sorry for me so he let me keep two.. Urban Decay - Maui Wowie & MAC - Greensmoke.
  9. Hmmm, this one is going to require some work. Have to look through my makeup to see which one I'd keep. I really love my Chanel quads....
  10. Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! *wets self* ok, ok, ok...calm..calllllllm...give them what they want. Trust me you don't want to anger them *wonders why i let them into our planet in the 1st place, i mean, i was just curious, they seemed so nice and sophisticated and their ship was..shiny*...oh, um, no you didn't hear that..shh...okokokmakeitfast! -


    There, I said it! *looks around frantically*

    uuuhh..okiekthxbai *runs*
  11. Mac-satin taupe
  12. Claire's a thinker! Always trying to get around the Aliens. I like that. We will need her when the revolution comes.
  13. These aliens are going DOWN. Who do they think they are... :blah:

    I can't even decide..I use sooo many different eyeshadows. I know it will be MAC though!
  14. Love it Gayle.... you go girl :yahoo:
  15. MAC orb. It's the exact same tone as my skin, which sounds like a terrible choice. However, if the aliens can't use primer potion, then I guess they can't take my paints or other creamy shadows. So I just need one powder color to blend them out and neutralize my lid color.