Alida Loubicollector[emoji1166]

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  1. It is always good to receive a new member in the family! pigalle 120 in zebra pony hair IMG_0993.JPG
  2. I've never seen a Pigalle in Zebra Pony Fur label! Gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
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  3. I think these shoes were made to measure, as soon as I saw them ... it was love at first sight
  4. They are really beautiful. The black and white pattern match so well in a classic high heels as Pigalle.
  5. officially!!! I will not take off these shoes for a whole month !!! IMG_2271.JPG
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  6. Hot Chicks are simply my favourite model by Louboutin and Black & red Degrade is gorgeous. You have an amazing taste. Thanks to share.
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  7. Congrats!!! You must tell me where you found them please!

    What size do you take in the Hot Chick 130?
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  8. Hi!!! I found them on eBay!!! Im a size 37.5 in hot chick ❣️❣️
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  9. I adore your collection label24!
    Amazing pieces!
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  10. New babies!!!! Fossiliza 100 & so kate metal patent IMG_2513.JPG
  11. So Kate metal patent are simply gorgeous.
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  12. Wich one is the most beauty? So kate 120 metal patent or Pigalle 120 glitter patent? IMG_2514.JPG
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  14. To be honest, both are beautiful and I love both colours, but I prefer the So Kate. The colour is amazing, but it's my personal taste. I bet Louboutin has more metal patent colours, or not?
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  15. The color of the so kate is amazing, but if you could only see the pigalle 120 with your eyes.... i think you could fall in love too and no matter what....the last of the pigalle always be my favorite
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