Alicia Vikander

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  1. It´s so interesting to see the great reviews for ExMachina and Alicia :smile:
    Here is some twitter comments:

    Alicia and Michael are spotted in San Sebastian, hope they have a great time :cool:
  2. I might see Ex Machina 2morrow
  3. Is Alicia in New York since she's done filming?
  4. Random: I'm kind of surprised (based on body language here and in other years) that she isn't dating Gleeson instead.
  6. Thanks for posting links and answering me. Maybe she sees gleeson more as a friend/brother. Also, her interview is pretty cool. I like her accent.
  8. Yeah I noticed she goes more British when she's in the UK or Europe. I guess living in London has that affect on you.
  9. Or being a fake poser :what:
  10. ^^For a poser it was not strong enough. It didn't have a Madonna-faking-it level. Maybe she's bidialectal.
  11. Oop. I haven't seen anything from the Met Ball. That's kind of embarrassing.

    But Domhnall Gleeson went!