Alicia Vikander

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  1. There is a good chance that's she's with Michael but isn't she still filming the Danish girl?
  2. Yes, The Danish Girl is still filming, but the production is back in London, not Denmark.
  3. Ohhh, ok thanks. So yeah there is a chance that they are seeing each other still in London.
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    This is a nice interwiev I think

    So sorry, I can´t get it right :blush:

    Anyway: The testament of youth had premiere in Sweden yesterday so thereis a lot of Alicia in "the news", positive vibes...
  5. It's just for subscribers..
  6. :smile:

    I really really hope that you can read it now :sweatdrop:
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    Thanks!:smile: She was promoting Testament of Youth in early January here.

    Also,I didn't know that nobody asked the permission to use her pics for Tinder:
  8. I think Alicia is hard working and talented but at the same time what do you guys think about her relationship with Michael? Personally, I think they're dating but also its a pr stunt.
  9. ^ Why do you think it's a pr stunt?

    She looks to be his type... young, brunette, dark features, lithe, pretty, most likely a little wild. If she had bigger boobs it would be a match made in heaven.

    If it's supposed to be for pr they're not dong a very good job at the pr part.

    They both seem very busy with work etc. I doubt it'll last long.
  10. I don´t think it´s a pr thing, they seems smitten with each other to me :smile:
    Obviously only they knows but IMO it´s real (for now).
    They both seems so relaxed when they are together ;)
  11. Don't get me wrong, I think they are together and like each other but idk why but I feel like that there is a little bit of pr going on. They do look relaxed, I agree.
  12. No,it's not a pr stunt,and actually if they are "dating",it's not a pr stunt.:smile:Aside from the fact that their relationship was first rumored and somewhat predictable even when they were filming,there would have been many other ways to publicize their relationship. During the last months,you might have found rumors,stories clearly leaked by their publicists,on Page Six,Lainey Gossip,etc.. I've always found a bit hilarious how some people were even denying that they were hooking up,when it was pretty evident and nobody was photographing them..
    Also,I saw recently some pics on Just Jared of Anne Hathaway and her husband probably photographed in the same area of New York. Obviously they didn't call the paps. Anne Hathaway saw them,as it's sure Michael and Alicia at some point saw them,because they were clearly trying to act "naturally" but the result was just awkward.:lol: Independently of that,a bit of publicity doesn't hurt anyone,even those who,like Michael,are generally private.
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  13. Thanks for the reply!
    So supposedly av and Michael are together in Barcelona. Now I know Michael is there but some people have said that he was with a brunette chick. People are speculating that it's av.
  14. Lambnyla:
    :biggrin: Yes, you are right :P pictures of them from the airport
    Hope they have a great time
  15. Same here! They look happy which is good(: