Alicia sunglasses... no longer available!! *sob*

  1. :crybaby:

    ... I was soooo proud of myself. I did great at PCE. Picked out only items I loved, didn't come home feeling like I had ordered any unnessecary *baggage*. :graucho:

    Alas... the Coach store called today, and my Alicia sunglasses are no longer available!! My adorable, burgundy Alicia sunglasses, that I had debated even getting - but then decided I HAD to have them..... because they were so cute!!! Even the try on pair in store is gone, not that I know if I would have been able to get those, knowing how many times they must have been "sampled".

    My sunglasses even broke yesterday - so I thought it was a sign!! 'Good thing I just ordered new ones...', I thought to myself!! phooey.

    Anyone else lemming over these, want to share in my grief? Now my only options... eBay... or... really settling for nothing... Anyone had good experiences with Coach sunglasses from eBay?? Or bad experiences...? Anyone in the MI area seen these in the store... I willing to drive!!!

    I'm off to Target to spend money and drown my 'sunglasses' sorrows by shopping. Guess I'll have to settle for a cheap pair today from Tar-ja to get me through. *sniff, sniff*
  2. is a legit website that sells coach optical and sunglasses.
  3. Ah ha!! Thanks batgirl!! I will check it out... :smile:
  4. aw, so sorry to hear that! i'll be at a handful of stores this weekend (don't ask)- and i'll keep a lookout for you! i'm sure they'd ship to you!
  5. ^ Kallison - if you could do that, I would love you forever... My store is saying that they are not available to order, but I think that if they are still left in a store, I could get them??

    *fingers crossed*
  6. HELP!!! Has anyone ever purchased sunglasses off of eBay??? How did it turn out??

    I ask, because I am thinking of placing a bid on some... ?
  7. I bought a pair on ebay a few years ago & they were authentic. I had no problems. Hope this helps.
  8. Thank you much!! I found a few pairs on eBay and I think I am going to try it out.... I was kind of worried, since I don't really know how you could authenticate from pictures, but its good to know at least there are ppl that have had good experiences with it!!
  9. oh my lord, I knew it would happen! I helped you at my store!!!

    I won't say which store on here, but I couldn't locate the style number or the name at all and it was soooo weird! I still haven't found them and it bugs me so much! You tried on the laurens also, but they didn't work.

    If I find them still, I will let you know!
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:


    That is TOO funny!!!!!!!!!

    Sprinkles, I saw you then!!! (And you saw me!! I think I was wearing blue too. :smile: ) I won't say which one either, but that usually isn't the one I'm at, since I live so close to a diff one... I was on a whirlwind tour of Coach stores, LOL.........

    That is too cool. :wlae:

    LOL... I was so excited, I forgot to add - Thanks for looking! I appreciate your help & if you find anything. Don't stress if you can't find them... Oh boy, I am laughing too much right now. I was wondering if that would ever happen...
  11. Hahahah seriously!! Well I am moving the store you preordered at (which I won't say) in June, so I can help you there!! But for now you know where I am if you need me :smile:

    I knew it would happen someday! It's sooo funny you posted, when I saw the title I had a feeling it was you!!
  12. Yea!! I am super excited!! You are the first tPFer I've met IRL, so it was a first for us both!! Can't wait to see you around. :graucho: I am definately gonna come visit you again sometime...

    I was just all giggly when I read this (hence my nickname, bubbles) - and my DH was just looking at me like, "Have you gone nuts?? Why are you smiling like a wierdo??" LOL... he doesn't get it.

    :roflmfao: - Oh, this made my night... you know - I drove all the way there earlier that day and didn't stop at the mall... (I thought I was lost.)Then I drove BACK over there that afternoon, to check the store out about 5 hours later, after going home to check Google Maps. I had a wierd feeling that there was some reason why I didn't find the mall the first time... Fate! :smile:
  13. Bags4Bubbles, did you contact the 1888 number on the website yet? It helped me find my new pet Owl keychain that my SA couldn't find in stock in any stores. :smile:
  14. Aw! Yeah it's definetly in a weird place. I work tomorrow night and I'll find the dang sunglasses! It was superrrr busy today so I'll hopefully find them tomorrow. If I do, I'll pm you or something w/ the info!
  15. Petitenm- I haven't called yet, but it may come down to that. I don't think you can use PCE over the phone, which of course is what made the darn things so attractive in the first place... :push:

    Thanks sprinkles!! Just let me know if you find anything! I would be more then happy to drive over there to get them from you, if it ever becomes possible!! :yes: It's really not too far to go, I'm not actually sure if the other one is closer or the same distance away from me really...