Alicia Silverstone Candids

  1. i love her since 'clueless'. i think she looks beautiful in this photo shoot:

  2. I really like the picture with her long straight hair. Looks gorgeous!
  3. No pics come up for me.
  4. ^ oh really, do they work now?

  5. They didn't work for me before either....but now they do! Thanks! She looks great!!
  6. How old is she now? She really doesn't look much older than she did in the "Clueless" days. She looks great.
  7. Yes, they do show up now. Thanks. She does look great--I'll always think her "real" look is with the long straight hair. I'm stuck in a time warp.
  8. i like the 2nd and third pic.. she doesn't like much older now... still pretty..
  9. She's simply gorgeous inside and out.
  10. she looks great.
  11. according to IMDB she is 30. :flowers:
  12. she looks youthful!
  13. She looks really pretty to me in the first pic! I think she is very nice, and not like any other Hollyood actress!
  14. I lovveee the first pic, and I love her!
  15. She looks so pretty! I love the first pic esp! :love: