Alice's (small) collection

  1. Hi everybody!

    This is my collection, not so big but I am saving to get my first Chanel!

    You can see:

    1) alviero martini small bag

    2) gucci cosmetic case (the one with pink details)

    3) gucci bag

    4) prada nylon small messenger bag (a lovely gift from my bf)

    5) speedy (a lovely gift from my sweet grandma, that was HER speedy!)

    I will add soon more photos! :flowers:
    alviero.jpg gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg prada.jpg speedy.jpg
  2. Bump! Sorry for the late approval!
  3. Alice, your collection is AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing!!!:yes:
  4. very nice collection, love the speedy!
  5. very cute collection.. keep them coming! :smile: the speedy is tdf, loves it!
  6. Best grandma ever ! And I love your Gucci pieces ! ;)
  7. great collection! I love the shape of your gucci, very nice!
  8. Love the Guccis and the Speedy of course. You must have one of the coolest Grandmas ever!!
  9. super cute collection! thanks for sharing :smile:
  10. nice collection, love the LV
  11. Blush, thanks girl for seeing this topic and give your comments! :flowers:
    I was so surprise to find this post, I was on holiday and it was a great welcome back gift, thanks mods!!! :love:
  12. love the guccis... so pretty..
  13. what a great gift from your grandma, she must not have used that bag.

  14. Nice Gucci's!! What kind of chanel purse are you thinking about buying?
  15. Thanks! :smile:
    Yes my grandma didn't use it, just few times as she prefers other bags she had. Well, I would like to buy a bag that someone calls East West in the Chanel Forum, in black. I love white version most but as it's my first Chanel (and probably only one for years untill I have a real income) I don't want to be SCARED or OBSESSED with cleaning :sad: