Alice Temperley designs for Target Go International

  1. alicetemptarget01.jpg
  2. I really like this collection along with the Erin Fetherson stuff for the next time. :love:
  3. The Alice Temperley looks great.
  4. tar-get' just keeps getting better. I love Target and Alice Temperly. I can't wait...
  5. Love this stuff.
  6. I'm so excited! I love Temperly and her designs for Target look like they will not disappoint!

    Temperly for Target! Lacroix for La Redoute! What's next?
  7. Nice! I :heart:Target!
  8. OMG I love the GO designers stuff!! i cant wait!
  9. Super cute!!! Thanks for the link. :winkiss:
  10. This came out yesterday. I checked it out today and there was a lot of cute stuff, just some had to many ruffles for my taste. I did pick up a jacket in an electric blue color. I didnt expect it to be as cute as it was when I tried it on!

    Has anyone else seen it yet?
  11. I think this line offically comes out tomorrow. I'm excited to see it in person. There are a few pieces I like, but I want to see how they look on me. So far this is my fav GO Designer collection.
  12. I wish the Target site had some on it but it doesn't. I guess I'll have to make a trip to Target tomorrow or Monday, I want to see these pieces in person!
  13. I have been checking the nearest target (Newport in Jersey City) since Thursday and no signs that usually says "Departing soon" for the Libertine collection so I doubt the AT collection is out tomorrow... I've been waiting for the AT collection eagerly!
  14. Maybe they have them out in the West Coast already but not yet in the East... Not fair!:nogood: