Alice + Olvia lovers

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  1. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous and right up my alley [esp. the dresses]; sadly, the prices are a bit too high for me. I can't wait until I can buy a dress or....three. ;D
  2. I love this brand! I only buy it on sale, though.
  3. i really like this line too, def my style
  4. Always admiring it, can never afford it...
  5. I'm a fan as well!
  6. I adore her maxi dresses! So bright and lovely.
  7. I have a few dresses from this brand. I usually get them on sale through (super cheap, around $100/dress), and they are super fun. Since they arer short, sometimes I pair with tights or even dark skinny jeans so it's like a tunic.
  8. love love this brand!!!!!!
  9. I love it.
  10. I am in LOVE with their dresses...but I cannot bring myself to pay the $375 price tag! I wish!
  11. I adore Alice and Olivia, but I never get their stuff at retail - always on sale. I love their dresses and the Eric pant!
  12. I love Alice + Olivia, one of my go-to dresses is a black A+O. I do agree with everyone else though, only buy it when its on sale unless its super cute and I have the extra money to spend (aka usually never haha)
  13. Very pretty stuff, a little above my price range though!
  14. I love A+O, they have gorgeous pieces!