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  1. It Seems That Everyone Has The Legacy Shoulder Bag. Did Anyone Buy The Ali?
  2. i bought 2 ali's,one in white & one in whiskey .
  3. I have the Ali in black. It is the second best Coach bag I ever purchased. :smile:
  4. I have two of them, one in black and the other in whiskey. It is my all-time favorite bag!
  5. I have the Ali in black. I use it Monday-Friday.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I have the Ali in whiskey.
  8. I have the Ali in Whiskey and in the Resort Line
  9. what was your first??
  10. i like the ali but would not buy it kwim i got the mandy courier instead, love the wiskey color
  11. i wanna know too!

    lil purseaddict, i wanted the mandy so bad as well (it's hard when you stare at you stare at it at work all day...) but it's too heavy for me and my shoulder problems...

    the al fit quite nicely and since no one else posted a white i'll post mine

  12. I have the Ali in the khaki signature pattern with black trim. It hasn't left me arm since I bought it. I love the size (big but not too big and slouchy) and it goes well with everything. :smile:
  13. Oooh blackbutterfly, so jealous of the legacy stripe makeup case! :smile:

    I have the Ali in whiskey leather, the shoulder bag in black leather and the zip shoulder bag in whiskey leather (was in outlet clearance section so I had to buy it).

    I don't have the legacy stripe makeup case *sob* but I do have the wristlet and I also bought the zip pouch with the cute little snap pockets on each end just because it was too freaking cute to not buy. Maybe someday I'll put it up on eBay for the $$. LOL
  14. I'm loving the white Ali. It's too cute.
  15. Believe it or not, it is the dark brown mosaic suade hobo with the funky strap that was recently in boutiques (I have a feeling it was not a good seller so it was yanked). I get more compliments on that bag than any bag I have owned. What is funny is that I did not wear it for a good two to three weeks after buying it because I was having second thoughts. Soo glad I kept it!