Ali Wearers, Do you find this year's whiskey Different in Coloraton

  1. Hello ya all, glad to be back. I went a bit nuts and ordered a whiskey flap. Yes, one that I gave back last year and missed in the slim flap. But it was different girls. When I saw my lovely Coach SA wearing one the otherday, I thought she had a brown Ali on her shoulder and it was beautiful . I stared and stared at it. But, it was indeed a large Whiskey ali and she had the cutest charms on it. It was so brown that I had to ask if was indeed brown. I headed straight for the store since she was shopping on her break in Nordies and all of a sudden I had bought one, huh? And a wristlet to match. See what happens when this forum is down????? Well ladies, it arrived today and I swear my last year's whiskey slim flap bag was a lighter more varigated color, not so smooth, more rugged and much less one color dark orangey whiskey. I really do not know if I like it. This was not the whiskey I missed. I noticed that this years whiskey flap was more smooth and the leather was different. What to do, Jax has more slims, but I may get the same exact color and defintiely the SA's will not like the large return to their little store. Does anyone have the same experience with their whiskey's of this year an last year in color variation? Somehow it does not look right to me. The stitching inside, the raw leather lifts up a bit on the flap but that I am not worried about so much. I would appreciate all of you Ali girls to let me know what you think. Thanks so much in advance. Glad to be back. I was freaking out here...Thank you for bringing back the forum Vlad and Megs!!!! :tup:
  2. Sorry about the two posts, Megs and Vlad, when the forum came back up after all your hard work, it was just not showing up twice and a strange page appeared. Thanks for all of your hard work!!!!
  3. I believe that the 06 whiskey is a much nicer color, IMO--the one this year is a little orangey, and a different texture.
  4. I got the slim flap and they were made in Vachetta last year and this year. The regular Ali is made in vintage leather and Vachetta trim. But, I got a second one today from Jax and this one does look less orange to me and the leather is smoother and more shiny. It still has 2 dark green dots on it and on the wristlet as well. So odd. But it is smooth and smooshy and so far I like it. Last years was nicer I think, but the big ali is too heavy for me..Thanks!!!
  5. i don't know about the ali's but i recently purchased a legacy leather wristlet in whiskey because i missed out on it last year and i thought that there was a difference in leather compared to last years...this years seemed a little lighter to me and i had the SA pull out 3 of them for me and they all had these little black dots accross the back...i spoke to the manager and she said that the leather was wet at the moment cuz they are packed right away and the spots are from the brown paper they are wrapped in...once used it would darken a little and even out and the spots would i took a chance and bought it and she was rite...i've had it for a few months now and the color has evened out...the spots are's starting to look more like the whiskey that i remember from last year...i dont know if this helps u but i thought i'd share my experience.
  6. I've been frustrated with the dots that show up on the whiskey leather! I have also noticed that there is a difference between the color of the leather on the body of the bag and the trim. Sometimes its not that noticeable and sometimes it is completely different.
  7. Oh, you have the dots too? So weird and the second slim 10327 arrived for me with them too. I wanted last years leather in 10329, but they said it was half vachetta trim and half on the body of the bag Vintage leather and it would be the same. I cannot carry that weight so I have decided to show the dark greenish dots to my SA, for there are only a very few slims left and I think it is in the leather. This bag seems lighter Vachetta in shade and has a bit of a patina. All the slims were made in Vachetta. Do you have the last years 10329 Ali. I would like to know, just in case I want to injure my back a bit further for the last years leather, lol. Thanks!!!
  8. Wow, my SA did not tell me that and she works there for 11 years. They just opened a Lecacy store near me and I am going to show her my bag and wristlet today. But, who would pack a wet bag, wrap it and then send it out to us? I got the wristlet too, and yes, it has the dots on it almost like someone dotted by mistake with a pen. They are present as well on the second bag slim 10327 as well as the wristlet. The wristlet is Vintage leather. The slim bag was made in Vachetta. Last year's Ali 10329 and the shoulder bag had vachetta and vintage leather. It scratched easier and had more of a whiskey patina. How do I know? I insisted on speakiing to a product specialist, I got a little obessed.....LOL..Well, you guys know how that is. Full price and dots? UH UH...but they were going, going gone...EEEEEEEK Thanks for the info that it got better. I appreciate it!!! :tup:
  9. Yes you are correct and that is because it was Vintage leather and they changed it to mostly Vachetta. I got a slim which is always Vachetta for the weight and the second one is more like I remember, less orange than the first I sent back, but the they are explained to me. And that in itself, sounds strange to pack a bag when it is wet, doesn't it? Thank you!!
  10. it does sound strange to pack the leather when its wet and i dont know why they do it, but that's what the manager said after i had them pull out 3 wristlets from the back and they were all the same...after she told me the dots come from the paper, i looked at the brown paper the wristlet came wrapped in and she was right...if u look closely at the paper, u will see the dots on the paper that seem to transfer to the wet does do some strange things, but what's is even stranger is that they know why the black dots show up on the leather and customers obviously don't like that but still don't find an alternative to prevent that from happening...i know a lot of people on tpf end up returning or exchanging bags b/c of the dots...i mean if ur paying so much for something u want it to be perfect rite? ...what i have also noted is that my wristlet doesn't scratch like the ones i've seen on display...i was expecting it to be hard to take care of but i'm glad that it doesn't scratch...
  11. Well, my store did not believe the dot story and said it was just part of the leather thing on the whiskey. My new wristlet was full of dots and the bag had a couple too, but the 2nd bag was a much nicer color. My SA argued and then showed me last year's regular whiskey flaps and what the called the novelty 10327 slim flaps in the book The book did say the leather was a vintage/vachetta, but then why the color change? Got me. I decided the larger Ali was much too heavy and exchanged the wristlet for a "less dotted" one and kept the whiskey slim flap adorned my new gold horseshoe charm, letter L and a heart patent leather charm with my pup's picture. It looks really cute. Done for a while now. Had to replace our car yesterday, huge shock and expense on a 6 year old Toyota, and now for us strict budget.... I am on a ban, self imposed of!! :tup:
  12. I'm glad you were able to find a less spotty bag. I do think they will become less obvious over time. I'm really not sure what the SA was talking about when she said there was brown paper on the leather though. I also doubt that the bags are wet when they are wrapped. It might be a tad humid where they are manufactured but I've unwrapped a TON of Coach merchandise and everything is wrapped in white paper. Its the same paper that comes inside the bag when you purchase it. I can't explain the dots and don't know what causes it but I'm really not sure what this brown paper is that they are referring to.

    I think with the legacy leather we are going to just have to accept a certain amount of imperfection. Annoying to those of us who like everything to be pristine but I think it is part of the way the bags are made. Sadly, I love almost everything legacy there is!
  13. hmmm...pretty interesting...i don't understand why coach is so inconsistent...i've had this happen to me before where one SA tells me one thing and another something else...i don't get it...i also hate going into the store and feeling like i know more than the SA's working there about the different styles of bags and things...well i guess it doesn't matter whatever the reason for dots on the leather is...they are just there so i guess we have to live with them!

    rainbow 06 i'm glad that u found something that u like better though!
  14. I decided, that there were not going to be any more opportunities to buy any slim whiskey flaps at all this year and the outlets pretty much had the large Ali flaps in and the hippies by this time from 06, so it was a decision that I had to make if I wanted one. No one but me will see the dots and it will age..nicely and maybe not be as dark as the other 06 bags, but it will be fine. More important fish to fry in my life, so to speak and I have others to wear. And, yes, sometimes we do know from this forum and experience things that we share that are absolutely true. If Coach tests products, I think they should ask us. lol. Thank you for your help. :yahoo:
  15. I totally agree Karen. I asked for a new wristlet and mine came out wrapped in white paper. I asked where the brown paper was and the SA had no clue about the dots and brown paper, not to say this does not happen, for I do not know. Not being able to see an 06 Ali in the last years larger size that is new from Jax, I had nothing to compare it too. I did see spots on this 07 flap also and the shoulder bags. All last year's styles were sold out except the heavy Mandy in whiskey and the larger Ali flap which I cannot wear. I was always drawn to whiskey when it was well cared for and the stratches just rubbed out and melted into a dark, rugged bag. It looked so rich to me. I love anything legacy too, but just have to be realistic about the rugged look and which weight I can carry. This type of leather in any form is going to just not be pristine. The bleeckers are going to scratch too, so we might as well get used to that well worn look. I had horses and a barn in Vermont and probably threw my stone mountain bags around, my one a year before I became a Coach pig...anyway... Thanks!!!!