Ali was saved!

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  1. I didn't have to sell her after all :smile:

    I'm still putting myself on a ban thought (except for maybe something tattersall...*maybe*). I'm just glad I get to keep Ali! I seriously searched and searched for something to replace her and just couldn't find anything!

    Just wanted to share my good news :smile:
  2. I'm very happy for you.
  3. That's fantastic!! It would be very hard to sell an Ali. I'm so happy for you!!
  4. Whoo hoo Congrats!! I agree, it is super hard to replace an Ali. I am going to keep mine for always and forever:love:
  5. Im so happy for you. I have alot of purses and havent used my Ali recently at all, but I know that is one bag that I will not sell, just because it is such classic Coach.
  6. I'm so happy to hear that you can keep your Ali. It's a very special bag, and if it works for you, it's so hard to find anything else that comes close. I have two of them and I wouldn't want to part with them.

  7. Take it from me, it's really hard to find a whiskey ali! I've been on a waiting list for a long time now. Glad you can keep her.
  8. Yay! I don't think I could give up my Alis either:nogood:
  9. After carrying my new black Ali for two days, I know I would never be able to part with her! She is my perfect bag in the perfect color (for me for work at least). Glad to hear you can keep yours!
  10. Yay! :yahoo: I am SOOOO happy for you, Congrats girl!!! :yahoo:
  11. :woohoo:Good News!
  12. I am glad to know Ali is safe, unless one has excess purses to "sacrifice" or outlet purchases that may allow for a little profit, it's futile to try to sell a Coach on Ebay that will really make a difference in tackling debt. And, if you're sacrificing one you really love ~ like you said, you just can't find one to replace it with. Stand strong! Money can come from other sources!
  13. Yey!
  14. I agree, stand strong! But.. for some of us, every little teeny tiny bit counts right now, not so much for paying off debt, but just paying bills.. and it does help. :yes: I am just glad you didn't have to sell her after all, I know how much you loved her. ;)
  15. YAY!! Awsome!