Ali v. Shoulder Bag

  1. This may have been discussed before but I'm in a bit of a rush this evening with only sporadic time to be online so I figured I'd just ask. Last night I bought the black legacy shoulder bag at F&F. So far it is still sitting there looking pretty with it's tags on but I'm having second thoughts:confused1: Do I really want this bag or do I want the Ali? I thought I definitely wanted this one but then I tried it on and the strap is just so short. I know the Ali isn't much longer but does it make a huge difference?...anyway, I'm so unsure. Also, isn't the Ali just slightly bigger? I'm thinking I could get an Ali (maybe on eBay, not sure) for not much more than the shoulder bag anyway. There's even one now that I could get pretty cheap though the turnlock is broken (how long will they take to fix it anyway?)

    Gah, why can't I ever decide on anything?! :wtf: Sooo....give me the pros and cons of these bags and your vote-Ali or shoulder?
  2. I was having to make the same decission. Since I do carry more things I chose the ali. It just seems a little more functional for my needs. I also purchased mine off of e-bay yesterday! Let us know which you decide on.
  3. i will say this IMO

    the ali's drop handle feels longer overall.

    I like the idea that the flap goes over, and you have two seperate compartment, one smaller then the other, the other has a zipper compartment and two little pouches.

    the shoulder bag does have a lot of compartments too, but the style itself doesn't suit me as much

    i like the simplicity of the ali, my only regret was not being more careful with the white.

    now i just want a brand new one, we'll see.......i have two more allotments left for bags and i really have to be careful...i have another six months before it renews!
  4. Thank you girls. I will definitely let everyone know what I get (with pics of course!). I like both styles well enough though I think I'm slightly more partial to the shoulder bag in that regard. But that dang short drop is what has me thinking.

    Well, we'll see what happens. Ms whitney....I hope you get a new one but I totally hear you on waiting! Just when you think you've got the perfect bag, you see another must have. Gotta run girls...
  5. I have the shoulder in pond and just ordered for F&F the brown Ali. I love the shoulder but it is definitely a shoulder bag and doesn't look as good when you carry it in your hand. I think the Ali will look good both on the shoulder and carried just in the hand. The Ali will also be easier to get into because of the flap instead of the zipper.
  6. the ali is amazing i used it all day today and it fits a lot and doesnt get heavy!!! i was amazed i thought it might be sorta heavy ITS NOT!! :smile: its like magic!
  7. Though it pained me I recently sold my shoulder bag to get the Ali (trying not to add to my collection) The shoulder bag is so cute but I always stuffed it and though it fit on the shoulder nicely I felt I had a football under my arm. I find the Ali is more comfortable and roomy.
  8. I wanted to love the Ali - but it just felt to square and big. I love the shoulderbags. I have two so I must! I especially love the two compartments on the front with the turnlocks. One for my keys and the other for my cell phone. I love that I don't have to unzip my purse and rummage through every time my phone rings or I need my keys. There is a long back pocket with a zipper and that is where I keep an extra diaper and a small pack of wet wipes - they fit just right in there. There seems to be loads of room in the main compartment - and because the bag is not very high -I never have to dig to find my stuff! I have whiskey and black and I love them both. I also got the legacy french purse in black and I love that so much I use it with all my purses - I love the kiss lock coin compartment and the turnlock!
  9. Do you think the shoulder bag is larger & holds more than the shoulder zip? If so, is the difference only in the two "pockets" w/turnlocks on the front that adds the extra space, or is it truely a bigger bag (inside the big part)? I am wondering b/c I have a shoulder zip and I LOVE it, but I also want a bigger bag when I need to hold a little more - that's why I want an ALI. But...if the shoulder bag is bigger, I may settle for that (when the time comes) :smile:
  10. I agree with what has already been said. The drop on the shoulder bag was too short for me, but the Ali was simply too large for my needs. It really does hold a lot more than the shoulder bag. But while the drop may not sound like a lot more than the shoulder bag on paper, it really is more comfortable for me.

    I went for the Legacy Hippie bag, which has the longer drop and is still smaller than the Ali, but has the flap and turnlock and access like the Ali.
  11. Do you have a picture of you WEARING your Legacy Hippie??? I have seen lots of pictures of them on eBay, but have never seen how it looks ON someone!! I'd LOVE to see!!!:smile: How does the size compare to the Ali (does it hold as much)??? Does it hold more than a shoulder bag/shoulder zip? How long/short is the drop length on the you wear it cross body or on your shoulder?
  12. I find the drop on the Ali more comfortable than the Shoulder bag. The shoulder bag was just too small for my needs. The Ali is perfect for me. Such a classic and practical bag.
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Originally, I wanted the hippie but I want it in black and I can't seem to find one. I have NO Ali's to even try for right now since I lost one auction and the other (damaged one) sold with BIN :crybaby: Oh well. So we'll see what happens. I think now I'm leaning toward wanting the Ali.
  14. I have to admit, on one rare occasion going to the boutique, I was carrying my black Ali, while there I tried a black shoulder bag on my other shoulder and turned from one shoulder to the other in the mirror, and I was surprised/shocked at how good the shoulder looked. I had it pushed a little back, not under my arm, the brass just popped!

    I eventually bought a rose shoulder and discovered that what I normally carry was very snug. I don't like the idea of dragging my accessories across a zipper. That's my experience.
  15. I have two Ali's, a shoulder and a Mandy. The Ali is my favorite handbag of all time. She fits the body so nicely, the strap is the perfect length and it fits under my arm so nicely. The shoulder is harder to get on my arm and it is like a football under there! Ali is the perfect size, because she fits my belongings without being stuffed. I would usually have to stuff my shoulder bag. Oh, I love Ali!!! Let us know what you decide to keep and post photos. I just love seeing everyones photos.