Ali too "Formal"? Opinions, Please...

  1. I needed a summer bag, (note the need, not want..<grin) so I went and bought the white Ali. But, I'm having second thoughts because most of the summer I dress casually. Is the Ali too dressy for capris and t-shirts?

    As an insurance policy, I went and bought the shoulder bag in white while I could still use my PCE.

    What do you think?
  2. i think the ali is super cute and could be casual or formal, but, if you're not comfortable with it, you'll never carry it, I would take it back. in my opinion, if you dont love it....set it free! :yes:
  3. I actually don't think it's formal at all. It's got a certain slouch to it, not to mention I think of formal bags as clutches. Now a Hamptons Carry-all, that is formal to me.
  4. I too thought it was a little too formal for me... I like walking around with nothing under my arms, and the ali is definately more "elegant" than a tote or a swing pack... so i got the hippie and I love it!!! Looks like the ali, is a tad smaller and I barely feel it on me when I'm walking!!! Now THAT'S CASUAL!!!
  5. I don't consider any legacy bag formal. How formal are we talking or conservative? professional? I wear Ali with cowgirl boots, mini jean skirts, t-shirts, casual cottons. I would carry her with a stiff collar cotton shirt, slacks, capris and t's. I would not wear her with a dinner dress, ballgown, or to the ballet, a wedding, or funeral, that requires a special occasion bag.
  6. ^ I totally agree.
  7. The Ali is not too formal. I wear mine with sweaters, skirts and pants. I also wear mine with a suit to work.
    It looks great with regular to casual every day clothes.
    A clutch is formal. The Ali to me has a very laid back elegance to it.
  8. My black Ali is quiet possibly my favorite bag. Oh, who am I kidding, she IS my favorite bag! (I just got the shoulder for the PCE and even though it is the most lovely shade of Pond, the shoulder doesn't compare to my Ali!)
    I think the reason why I love the Ali so much is because she is so versatile. She is classic. And when a bag has earned the prestige of that title, it transcends. And it is whatever you want it to be. Formal or casual.
  9. I think it is a casual bag. I wore it out tonight with jeans, clogs and a light peacoat. I think it would be a great summer bag with capris, etc.
  10. I'd say its casual as well. If you are worried its too formal you could always add a charm to it. Something fun.
  11. Deff casual