Ali Support Group

  1. I see so much Ali love going around right now, so I thought I'd start a little support group for all of us Ali lovers. :p

    I'll start:

    Hi, my name is Starletta8 and I have a problem with Alis. Somehow over the course of a month 4 showed up in my closet when there previously were none. And eBay emails me daily with Ali updates.

    I have a hard time knowing what bag to carry as is, but Ali makes it tough. I want to reach for her daily instead of rotating other goodies!
  2. I'll go next... Hi, my name is Fieldsinspring... I just got my first ali yesterday, and I already can't remember what my life was like before she was here... I wish I could get another, and another, and another. I am not looking around to find another perfect bag anymore, I have FOUND the perfect bag. for me.. the quest is over.. I have conquered... the way she looks, smells, feels and hangs on my shoulder... hmmmm... scrumptious!!!! :nuts:
  3. Insert my name in this sentence and that is my story, too. Coach will be disappointed to find out that I am actually satisfied now that multiple Alis are under my roof.

    I'd like to nominate Entheos (aka Ali enabler) as our group's president.:tup:

  4. YES:yes::yes::yes:

    You worded my thoughts perfectly, fieldinspring!
  5. Hi, my name is Gettinpurseonal and I have a problem. I have a khaki/signature Ali, and 2 of Ali's sisters: a charcoal suede/metallic slim flap and a canvas/pear slim flap. That is nearly $1000 of Ali's (or blood relatives)!!!
  6. I second that motion! :p
  7. Visual confirmation of my problem with Alis following me home:


    I so want white, brown, and the brown suede. Isn't that just crazy?

  8. Makes sense to me and I'm NOT crazy!!!!!:p

    BTW, as an Ali supporter, I'd priortize the white and brown Ali with brown ali being obtained FIRST...she's the ultimate!!!!!!! Fieldsinspring summed her up perfectly!
  9. Especially since the brown suede is lurking on eBay for <$400. Yes, I'm stalking it. It's so my post-ban bag.

    I've only ever loved one bag as much as this before, and it's completely impractical- the Nappa Leather Tortilla Hobos. *swoon*

    Ali is perfect for every occasion, though. You're not constantly worried about her!
  10. Hello Ali lovers! I got my white Ali a bit more than a month ago, however she is a bit high maintenance since I can't wear her with jeans because she gets the colour all over her :tdown: No more white bags for me ever again!
    However she is gorgeous and I love looking at her.:graucho:

  11. Did you pre-treat her with anything? I know Coach says not to, but I'm planning on using something more powerful than just moisturizer on her. Her coloring does appear more I don't want to even breathe on her until I've attempted to protect her...gorgeous, but high maintenance. Thank goodness for Ali in brown, whiskey, black, etc...don't have to even think about 'em.
  12. Well girls, I only have one but Im hear to support each and every one of you that have the ali addiction:yes::tup:
    Here is mine:okay:
    Ebay Pics 281.jpg Ebay Pics 283.jpg
  13. That's the only thing that scares me about white Ali. Otherwise she's the perfect summer bag!

    She is just beautiful. I fell in love when I saw the picture of the girl from Heroes with her.
  14. Too funny! My first Ali arrived today and was in great need of a loving mama. She may quickly become my new fave!
  15. :queen:nomination accepted! sometimes I think my name is ALI . . .

    :search: Four (4) years I searched for the perfect bag. Endlessly, tirelessy, obsessively and out of the blue (oh pond Ali) she appeared.

    :girlsigh:Captivated,:tender: enthralled, :heart:elated! I promise you if you vote for me as president I will never speak ill of Ali. :nogood: When I look at her I will always say aaaah! Her presence will be welcomed everywhere. I decree Ali parades, Ali galas and Ali cake!

    I will honor and respect all Ali owners with the highest regard, no matter how many ALI's she owns! Let no Ali be left behind! :yes:
    PICT0047.jpg PICT0105.jpg