Ali studded hobo...

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  1. Anyone see these at there outlets? I cant believed I missed out on this bag!!!! I want it soooo bad! I would have paid full price for it if I had the chance. I guess I was in lala land when it was at the boutiques. The only one that I see is listed on ebay for OVER retail which is crazy since this person bought it at the outlet (bullseye on creed). If you see one please let me know. I want it really bad... :tup:
  2. That is one beautiful bag...wish I had seen it as well, it's a stunner for sure!
  3. ^^^ I know. It just makes me so upset when people want to list them so high and make so much money. I understand a little bit, but almost 200 over retail is CRAZY!
  4. it was one of the few bags i was so smitten with i had to get it from JAX via my fav boutique (during last springs PCE)... if i remember correctly, one person found it at the outlet last summer (maybe)... they sold out at full price pretty quickly... i think they came out around the time coach decided to limit the number of bags in the new lines... when all the other ali bags hit the outlets, i never saw it
  5. ^^^ Thanks for the info. Maybe one day I will have one. I will just keep looking. I love the braided strap so much.
  6. I agree. Its gorgeous for sure.
  7. I LOVE that bag! I almost missed out, but I kept checking back at the store and they were able to order it from a store in Florida. It seemed to sell out really quickly. Keep checking ebay... the prices will drop eventually.
  8. Wasn't the retail on the studded hobo like $599? So the sellers price is not much over retail...

    This bag was a limited edition and sold out quickly so very few showed up at the outlets. Plus I think only the flagship boutiques had them, or so I was told, when I had to call around to locate one in my area.

  9. it was $498 retail... i don't know how much it dropped to when the precious few made it to the outlet... i LOVE this bag but the $699 ebay price saw earlier seemed pretty steep to me

  10. OK, I was thinking the retail was a little more. The one I saw on ebay was $625 inc. shipping.