Ali Slim Flap - what fits?

  1. I think I have decided to keep my eye out for an Ali Slim Flap. I'm sorry if I am duplicating, but does anyone have any pictures of what fits in the Ali Slim Flap - 10327?

    I need to get my glasses case, legacy french purse, make-up - huge keys/keyfob, pick and maybe a few other small items in it...but that is usually what I carry. I need to slim down on the make up I carry - good grief!

    Anyone have any pictures of the inside with your items, or with everything that fits into your bag? - I also have an ipod shuffle that fits nicely in the outside pocked of my leigh now.

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. I thought I had a pic of what fits in a slim flap but I can't find it. I usually put my checkbook in the zipper pocket, my cell phone and compact in the patch pockets, then a wristlet in the front pocket with the bare essentials like lip gloss, tide pen, etc. Then inside the bag I could fit my keys, wallet and another wristlet with things like gum and ink pen. Sorry I don't have pictures to help you out though! Hopefully this will help!
  3. I don't have pics either atm, but in mine I usually carry a small wallet, cell, nano, medium cosmetic case, sunnies, and a wristlet. These fit comfortably and you could probably fit a few other small items.

    It is very comfortable to carry and fits nicely under my arm. :yes:

  4. Thanks so much for all your replies....I have been eyeing some in camel on eBay! I think this would be a really great size for me and it sounds like it would fit the important items I need to carry on a daily basis. :tup:
  5. I agree you could easily carry the things you list in a Slim Flap. I can easily fit a zip-around wallet, makeup bag, phone, brush, sunglasses and keys. And I agree that the slimmer style is comfortable under the arm and looks sleek. Great bag!
  6. I don't have a picture but I carry this in my slim flaps:

    Legacy Framed French Wallet
    Coach credit card case (holds 12 credit cards)
    small coach leather makeup bag
    Coach pill case ( has 3 pill bottles inside)
    Keys and my reading glasses

    It is the most comfortable Coach handbag I have. Sits great on my shoulder very comfortably and I hardly know I'm carrying it. I had a Ali but it was too big and heavy for me. I don't think you will be disapointed in the Slim Flap!! The Whiskey color is my favorite!!