Ali Slim Flap or Ali Shoulder Bag???

  1. Which is more usefull? The Ali Slim Flap or the Ali Shoulder bag? IF you have them both--which do you wear most often? I know the Shoulder bag holds more- but how much does the slim Flap hold? Is the Ali shoulder Bag heavy when filled compared to the Ali Slim Flap? Help--I need to decide which one to get!!

  2. I've tried the Ali twice and returned them both-Too big for my frame- I am currently using my leather slim flap and I currently have inside a legacy french wallet-Big bottle of advil-inhaler-checkbook-lipstick-trial size of Coach perfume-my bulky set of keys-sunglasses and still have room for more-I also own the embossed suede slim flap with fringe from last fall-Can't wait to start using it again- I find the slim flap so comfortable IMO. The slim flap is one of my personal favorite bags- I also purchased it in signature too during PCE.
  3. I don't have both but have had a couple of ali's for me they were not too big, but I am 5'10", but they can hold a LOT and they can get heavy! I think it would just be up to you and how much you hold.. I think the ali is around 5" wide and the slim flap is like 2 1/2" or close to that. So the main factor would be the width and not maybe setting up on it's own. Let us know what you decide, I love both!!! :yes:
  4. I own both bags and it really just depends on how much you need to carry. I have the ali slim flap, and it reallyl does hold a lot--my french framed puse, cell phone, note pad, hand lotion, keys, etc... and it feels much more comfortable under my arm.

    I really do love the ali, too, and use it when I need to carry more items such as extra notepads, and I can fit a cola can and other items in there, but it does get heavy to carry as an everyday bag.
  5. I have the slim flap and love it. I'm not really a big purse kind of gal, but the slim flap is my fave bag right now. It really does hold a lot!
  6. i'm 5'2 and owns a signature ALI shoulder..1st i was afraid that it'll be too big for me but when i actually tried it,it just looked soooo right on my body!:wlae: but a friend who has a leather ALI said that it is kinda heavy for her..
  7. I will not kid you here. The leather version of the Ali is a heavy bag when filled up. You need to decide if you can carry a bag like that for everyday use. For me it is fine. My Mandy I only wear occasionally but my Alis are like regular daily use for me.
  8. love my ali, holds a lot. i have it in khaki/ebony. one of my favorite bags. i also have a natural ali that is a little heavier, but i love her too. depends on how much you plan to carry.
  9. I bought my friends Ali slim flap (10327) in the white. I love it so much, I ordered the same bag in whiskey! There was only 85 left of the whiskey at JAX, so I had to snatch it up!!
  10. I actually just called JAX today to see what is available in the Slim signature....khaki/black, khaki/gold, khaki/white or brown sig with brown trim. In the leather they have black, whiskey and natural available. I'm debating on this bag or the new Bleecker large flap which may be too large for me....Does anyone know the measurements for the slim flap?
  11. II have the slim flap in black leather and black/esresso signature . I just ordered the chocolate on the PCE. I think it is 2 1/2 thick not 4 like the Ali and about 10 by 11. It is very nice.
  12. I've got an Ali (black leather) and she is AMAZING. Yes, a little bigger than I first thought but she tucks up so nice under my arm so not too bulky. Love it!!
  13. THanks Lynn! I was thinking about getting the chocolate sig also. The measurements sound great for me! Sounds like you really like that bag! :smile:
  14. Can someone post some pics of the slim flap, and even while wearing it? Do you know the weight of the bag? How does one contact JAX for a purchase?

  15. I love the chocolate signature. I am awaiting my bag now, and the legacy is really such a great bag with a classic shape. I had gotten the black and espresso last year as a birthday gift and just loved it. The slim black legacy leather flap was bought at the outlet for $271 when they are now selling for $428.00 at JAX. Such a great buy. That one is the heaviest bag being leather, but not so much lighter than the thicker ali because of the hardware. I like it so much, I wear it almost empty. But the slim flap holds a lot and all of your essentials. Tejas Mama has one and loves it. It is much lighter and beautiful in signature. Enough to just have two or 3 of them. Get one while they last. If you did it on the PCE, better yet!!!