Ali question

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  1. How does your Ali feel? Brand new and used!

    To me, mine feels kind of waxy. Is this weird of does anyone else think this as well?
  2. my brown ali is soooo soft and smooooshy and white ali is a little more stiff, which is ok w/ me, she holds her shape better. not really waxy, though.
  3. When I first saw the raisin and juniper bags last fall they felt kind of waxy to me and I mentioned it to my SA who agreed. I think it is just the thickness of the leather and the process that they go through. I have noticed that the Apple conditioner softens the legacy leather a bit so that might be something to try?
  4. Neither black or natural Ali feel waxy to me. They have different consistencies (black ali has some pebbliness) but not waxy.
  5. I never really thought of it as "waxy". I think that it just depends on the bag, i suppose?:confused1:
  6. I have a whiskey Ali and haven't noticed a waxy feel. The leather is a lot thicker than say the Bleeker large flaps, maybe that's why it feels different to you.
  7. Did you buy one used ? If so, maybe it was treated with conditioner with silicone. Just a thought, my Ali doesn't feel waxy at all, I have the black leather.
  8. Yes, my black one doesn't feel waxy at all. She has become soft and smushy. I love her.
  9. My whisky Ali is so soft and not waxy at all
  10. That is what I am thinking.. if someone put something on it that would make it feel that way. :yes:
  11. My white Ali had a sticky waxy feel on the underside of the strap when I first got it. After conditioning it with Apple conditioner its gone. It was an Ebay purchase so who knows what/why . . .

    It could be a waxy/silicone of some kind. I just learned that the tanning process for leathers involves the application of colored urethanes, the smooth dark brown or black edge of the leathers is also a colored urethane (which can peel off), in short are breatheable, flexible plastic . . . perhaps if there is a glitch in the process it feels different, and maybe that's why some bags seem to gather transfer easier?!? another question for the experts!