Ali Question...Color Transfer onto Legacy Stripes?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have two leather Ali bags (black & whiskey) recently purchased from the outlets. I was wondering if anyone has had issues with the color transferring from the leather onto the legacy strips (primarily the white stripes) on the inside of the flap. At first I noticed some faint color transfer on my whiskey bag and thought it had to do with the fact that I had conditioned the leather, but it also happened with my black one before I conditioned it. The transfer has happened a couple of times on each bag and was pretty faint. Luckily, I have been able to clean it off with baby wipes, but wanted to know if this was common. Any thoughts? :shrugs:

  2. I have seen black ones with color transfer..
  3. I had a problem with my Ali immediately. It seemed almost like oil spots from the leather on the flap staining the white stripes. It was upsetting.
  4. I went to buy one at the boutique once and it had the same thing.. the black ali had the black transfer from the flap onto the stripes :tdown:
  5. I didn't notice any on mine before BF stole it, but it was Black/Khaki Sig.

    I did notice a weird color on my Whiskey Lily on the inside legacy lining that looked like a mark from the zipper?
  6. I didn't have the same problem with mine, although colour from a plastic bag I had inside my bag did transfer onto the striped lining. It didn't do much damage, thank goodness.
  7. I have a little black transfer on the lining on the inside of the flap. It's not very noticable, but it is there. Haven't tried cleaning it off because I was afraid to make it worse.
  8. Hmmmm...makes me wonder if I want to hunt down a black Ali or not...
  9. :p You are indecisive like me!!!! Okay, maybe not as bad as me..... :roflmfao: It really isn't that big of a deal, just a little black color on the stripe and I am sure it can wipe off. it's inside the bag too. ;)
  10. It does wipe off very easily. I've used either a baby wipe or a Wet Ones (I used the sensitive skin version) wipe and the color came right off with absolutely no marking on the material. This small thing wouldn't deter me from the Ali, but I was just curious if others had the same issue. I'm guessing the other legacy bags may not have as big of an issue since the lining doesn't necessarily lie right on the leather like the Ali.
  11. I wouldn't be detered either. I haven't noticed anything on mine, however haven't used mine yet either so maybe it is the action of opening and closing the flap. Also to reiterate, Legacy leather should not be treated with anything. It says it right on the care card so if the leather is getting wet and some dye is coming off then it may be a result of some people using moisturizer on it. Coach does not even recomend using their own products on it, you are just supposed to leave it alone.
  12. ok that doesn't sound so to call the outlets...
  13. I've had the oil from the leather transfer to the lining (there was a thread on here about this with pics) in all my Legacy leather/leather stripe items. It's not huge or very noticeable at all. Honestly, I had forgotten about it until this thread!

    I have had this happens with pretty much any oil gloved leather product I've had (especially shoes) so its not just Coach thing.
  14. I'm glad to know it comes off easily. I've had this same problem with my black leather '06 Legacy shoulder bag where the color has transferred onto the white stripe on the inside of the pocket flap.