Ali or Mandy?

  1. I can't decide between them...I'm pretty sure I want them in brass/whiskey, but which?

    Which do you have and why?
  2. I have the Ali and love it! So much lighter than the Mandy; it makes a great shoulder bag. I have it in black but would love to have one in whiskey as well.
  3. I love the ali & I love it. It's such a great size bag, I can throw a ton of stuff in it without it being too bulk or heavy. I use mine all the time.
  4. Thanks, girls, for the help. I'm leaning towards Ali too!
  5. ali
  6. With all this talk about the Ali, I think I may get one in white as well. I am waiting to see what my white ergo hobo looks like. If I do not like it, I will exchange for another Ali.
  7. I really like the ali.
  8. How about style #10327 Legacy Slim Flap Leather $378 in whiskey! I just pre-order it. If not, I love my ali.

    [​IMG] (picture from eBay in black)

  9. I just ordered 10327 today in the Whiskey. You cannot tell the difference from the Ali at all...It is just a bit smaller and slimer. I ordered it in the PCE presale and also the medium brown striped signature makeup case. That was all I could afford..That does not mean I did not want more This bag has a thinner strap I really like may still be heavy , for it is still legacy leather..but the Ali is much too heavy for me. It is sort of like the hippie bag but not as thin. It is really pretty. Now that makes too whiskey bags, the whisky zip and this one...The SA's kept pushing me away from the older legacy and towards the newer bags..but I know what I like..I wanted the black too, but the black is sold out.....
  10. Augh Ali for sure.. I want one soooo bad but I'd have to sell my Shoulder to get the cash for it. :crybaby:
  11. Bag Me and Rainbow 06, I couldn't find 10327 on the Coach website. I'm very interested in the bag. You ordered it from your s/a at the Coach store?
  12. personally i looove the Ali in white!! so that is my vote..
  13. I'm really interested in this slim flap bag. Does anyone own it and have photos so we can compare it to Ali? Thanks!
  14. Ali
  15. Sorry, its not on the web site. I called CS @Jax and to confirm style numbers. The "Legacy Slim Flap" is in stock in signature khaki/white, khaki/gold and khaki/ebony for $358 and leather whiskey, white and natural for $378. I pre-sale both the khaki/white and whiskey last night at the store. I hope this helps.