Ali OR Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag???


Ali 10340 or Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag 10339

  1. Ali 10340 khaki/ebony

  2. Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag 10339 khaki/ebony

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  1. Hi guys! PLEASE Help me decide...I am looking at the Ali style 10340 OR the Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag style 10339 in khaki/ebony combo... Which one should I buy and why??? Who has which one and what do you like about them and why....if you can, please post pics so I can see it on a shoulder....Thanks for ALL your help!!!!
  2. I really prefer the legacy shoulder bag, because the ali just doesn't do it for me.

    I know a lot of ladies here love the ali. I personally think the shoulder bag just looks sophisticated and I :heart: the two turn locks!

    Do you like leather more or the signature fabric? I think that's kinda what it comes down to. :yes:
  3. I have two shoulder bags and two Alis, though all 4 are leather.

    If you carry a lot, Ali is your choice. If not, shoulder bag.

    I'm a "curvy" girl who likes a bigger bag and Ali fits me like a glove and feels more comfortable. She also lays a bit flatter with the only one turnlock.

    Both are great choices!
  4. I vote for Ali....sooooooooo pretty! Good luck!
  5. Ali holds a lot but fits up against your body well without looking big, and feels really good on your shoulder. I love the way the leather frames the flap and the single turnlock isn't too busy. Here she is with her sister "slim flap" in charcoal suede/metallic. I am 5'3".
    redo3590.JPG Ali2.jpg
  6. Thank you for the pics! YES that is the EXACT one I want...the khaki/ebony! I think I am going to order it! If you can post pics w/ it ON your shoulder so I can see the drop, that would be GREAT!!!! Thanks so much again for your help! :yes:
  7. That is a beauty, the suede "sister" Jennifer..I have the Slim Flap signature myself the same as your Ali and love it....and if I ever find a suede, slim flap would get it too...would get it too in just that color. Beautiful...bags!!!!!
  8. It looks FANTASTIC on you!!!!!!!! I think this is going to be my new bag!!! I LOVE the drop's so hard to find a bag that will go OVER your shoulder w/ a HEAVY winter coat!!!! I think this one will work though! Thanks so much for posting the pic!!!!
  9. I don't like the khaki ebony so I'm going to vote for the Ali =)
  10. I have both the Ali and the shoulder bag, both in leather. I love them both so much and they're equally wonderful in their own ways.

    If you want something to go over a winter coat, Ali is definitely for you. It holds more than the shoulder bag, yet doesn't feel bukly in the least. It's pretty easy to get in and out of and it looks great on pretty much every body type.

    I love my shoulder bag too, but if i had both of them in the same colour, the Ali would definitely win out. I love the two front pockets on the shoulder bag, but it doesn't fit against the body quite as well when it's full and although it does hold a lot for a bag it's size, it doesn't hold nearly as much as the Ali. There's no way i could fit gloves and a winter hat in it in addition to my other things. However, the ali would hold all that with room to spare.
  11. Thank you!!!!! That darn winter coat is my concern!!! LOL...wish we didnt need to wear those!!!!

  12. BUMP!!!! I need more help deciding!!!! I am going to make my purchase on Friday!!!!! HELP!!!!
  13. Ali!Ali!Ali!! Did I say Ali? Why, yes I did! :yes: It is the perfect size, sits beautifully on your shoulder, doesn't add any bulk and looks very classy!
  14. wow that is a tough choice, all boils down to how much you carry. i have the ali in black/khaki, but i also have the shoulder bag in whiskey. i love them both, though i love the look of the black leather & sig fabric together. you cannot go wrong with either. ali just holds a lot of stuff. :tup:
  15. shoulder! i have itin that combo and it's the bag I get the most compliments on. it is tdf.