Ali or Large Bleecker Flap? Advice needed

  1. Hello all,
    I hope you don't mind giving your opinions--I knew this was the right place to ask!

    I got my first Coach handbag about 3 months ago. It is a large Soho Flap. I LOVE it. It is by far the best handbag I have ever carried comfort and orginization-wise. It stays on my shoulder really easily and has great pockets. I know the Soho Flaps are sort of old-school, but I like the clean lines and style. I even like that it has a magnet closure, something I have never had in a purse before but makes life much easier.

    Now I am on the hunt for a new bag. I have loved the look of the Large Bleecker Flap since it came out. It looks sort of casual yet stylish at the same time. I love the look of the buckle on the shoulder strap, and the all leather versions. (I am not as into the signature versions). The only issue is that I have heard from some people that the strap is uncomfortable on the large Bleecker Flap. Have any of you felt this way? Is it a comfortable purse to carry?

    The other bag I am thinking about is the Ali. I have been lurking here, and have been reading that many of your love your Ali's. What do you love about your Ali? Comfort or looks or both? What do you consider the best color for Ali?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I have both a large Bleeker Flap (in Bottle Green leather) and an Ali (in Natural leather). I have had no problem whatsoever with strap comfort on the Bleeker. I love the length of the drop and the bag is a good size. Not huge but not too small. The Ali is also a great bag. The drop is a little shorter than I'd like and the bag can get heavy if you load it up (which I don't usually). I think they are both beautiful bags. I know a lot of the girls on here love the Whiskey color but I don't so much - it's ok. I like my natural as it's a nice neutral color. My big dilemma would be if I were to run across a Bleeker and an Ali in black leather. :nuts: I'm not really sure which I would get. Probably the Ali but I don't know...I really want to find a great black leather bag for day to day at work to replace my Soho duffle which is too small to me now. As I've become more and more ensnared in Coach, my preference for bag size has increased.
  3. Thanks, Jenn--it is good to know that you don't find the Bleecker to be uncomfortable. I am a total "shoulder bag" type girl---I always carry my bag like that up on my shoulder. I don't put much stuff in there either--just wallet, cellphone, keys, lipgloss.

    I like the look of the white Ali, but it is sort of early in the season for white right now. I wish it came in the "ink" color that the Bleecker comes in. I love that! The bottle green Bleecker is also really pretty. I like to wear jeans a lot with a dressier top and a navy jacket--so the ink or the bottle green would be nice.

    I like that the Bleecker Flap has a magnetic closure.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. No problem! Welcome to the forums. Feel free to post (or pm me when you get your pm privileges) with any other questions you have
  5. Are the bleecker large flap bags at the outlets does anybody know? I don't think I saw them there but maybe they get more in frequently? I love my small bleecker bag so much now maybe I want a large one. I prefer them over the Ali because I hear that the ali is heavy. I have a bad back sometimes, I don't need heavy. I do like to fill my bag with all my good stuff.
  6. what would a large bleecker cost at the outlet?
  7. You can call the outlet to see if they have the Bleecker you are looking for. I called the one near me (it is about an hour away--I live in the Bay Area and it is in Vacaville) and they didn't have any large Bleecker Flaps. That is the only Bleecker I really like.

    I like the buckskin color as well as the ink color.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, Jenn! I saw you had a picture of a Siamese in your icon--I have a Siamese too! I have had them all my life. They are the best cats--they are so bonded to their owners and are so pretty!
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  9. I have the bleecker large flap in bottle green and an Ali in white. If I had to choose I would say the bleecker is more comfortable on me. The strap drop is perfect an easy to get in and out of. The Ali is also beautiful but I the strap is actually wider than the bleecker. I use my bleecker almost daily because I love it so much. I got it at my outlet for 229.99 about a month ago. Ali will come out in the warmer weather.
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  11. I have only the Ali but as far as looks go, I think both are beautiful. three is something about Ali that seems a little unique. I have a black Ali in leather and I wouldn't trade her for a bleeker flap. I like the drop on the bleeker flap better from trying it on in the store but when you have to carry Ali on the crook of your arm, it looks better, even though it is a shoulder bag, I sometimes have to do this. Good luck with your decision, I think either way you will be happy !
  12. I got a leather large flap in leather at the outlet. Love it! It was the only leather one they had, they did have 1 or 2 siggy ones.
  13. For my leather large flap I paid $338.00
  14. I have both the Ali and the Bleeker Lg Flap No. 11419 (ink, walnut laced Flap). I love Ali for it's size. I do tend to carry alot. I love the Bleeker large flap for the drop and the uniqueness of the strap. I can even wear mine cross body (Bleeker large flap). This works for me as I am on the petite size. See pictures below of my Bleeker Lge Laced Flap in Walnut No. 11446 - this is one of my favorites. I hope that this aids in your decision.
    IMG0001_10.jpg IMG0001_9.jpg IMG0001_18.jpg
  15. I have the Ali in whiskey ( gorgeous color) and a Bleeker large flap in leather. Love them both. I don't have any problem with the drop on the Ali or the strap on the Bleeker, and since I don't stuff my bags, the Ali isn't too heavy for me. As Jenn said, the drop on the Bleeker is lower than the Ali, each bag definitely has a different feel when you are wearing them. I love both, I would have to say that they are both my favorite bags ( although the Ergo hobo is sooo comfortable). I love leather bags and these two are really beautiful in leather. As I said, I love the whiskey, it just appeals to me, but then I wear more brown bags than any other color. You will love either bag. :girlsigh::heart::love: