Ali or Hippie?!?

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  1. Please Help!!! :nuts:
    Does anyone here that is tall own a hippie?? I know there is the slim flap but I can't find one on ebay or anything, and I like the smaller bag, but am hesitant with the length, I usually wouldn't wear it crossbody.. but I am 5'10"... :confused1: Also, the only hippies I see are white, and I have heard of the denim rubbing off.. . I absolutely love the look of the ali, but don't know if it is a bit big and also the cost sets me back a bit... :wtf: any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, pics?!> I need my sanity back!!! Also, to make matters more confusing, I am going to the coach outlet in carlsbad, ca in two weeks.. but I have a hard time waiting!!! TIA
  2. I don't know much about the hippie, but it is true that denim does rub off on the white. I just bought the Ali in white and my denim jeans rubbed off on the bottom of the bag after having it on my lap for half an hour so you have to be careful with that. I rubbed it out with a wet cloth and it all came out:smile: The ali is worth the money though! She's not heavy when you wear her on the shoulder, she holds a ton of stuff, the leather is amazing quality and it just looks gorgeous!
  3. Thanks, I think it is absolutely beautiful!! It would be a splurge, especially for a summery color, but I live in warm climate and think I could get away with wearing it into the early winter.. but I am not that anal about fashion I guess. :nogood: That is one bag in white that I think is absolute TDF!!!
  4. Unless you want a crossbody bag, go for the ALI. The Hippie is a beautiful bag, don't get me wrong, but the Ali sits at a very comfortable drop from your shoulder. The Hippie will be VERY long if you try to wear it as a shoulder bag. As far as I am concerned, the Ali is a bag that is "just right". It looks great, hold plenty without being huge, and has a nice drop length.
  5. yeah, that is what I have been thinking.. I am not a fan of crossbody bags at all, but I like the slimmer bag and a longer strap, just not THAT long :wtf: Does everyone have problems with the regular ali rubbing the denim on, even though the bag is shorter?
  6. I have both - hippie in black and Ali in dark brown. Even with the hippie strap at the shortest notch, it's still a long strap so I generally wear it crossbody. The Ali fits perfectly under the shoulder and probably won't hit your denim at all.

  7. thanks.. btw, how tall are you?? :confused1:
  8. 5'7.
  9. thanks ;)