Ali or Hippie bag?

  1. Which should I get? I want either in whiskey and the biggest decision is do I want the crossbody ability or not? If you have a Hippie, is it a comfy bag to wear? Does the Ali sit nicely on the shoulder??

  2. I say the Ali. I just got a signature khaki/ebony Ali yesterday and I love it. It holds alot more than I expected and sits really comfortably on your shoulder. Hope this is of some help!
  3. I picked up an Ali today and it seems to sit really nice on the shoulder. However I'm thinking of taking it back... I've just spent FAR too much on bags this year... but I did get it 25% off. hmmm... decisions, decisions.
  4. I have the Ali in brown and the hippie in black. It really depends on whether you want the long strap. The Ali is a wonderful bag to carry and fits perfectly on my shoulder. The hippie strap is VERY long. The bag itself is slightly smaller than the Ali and at the shortest length, it fits me nicely. It you want a crossbody bag, the hippie is perfect.
  5. You should keep the Ali! You'll love it! Listen to me...I've only had mine for 1 day!
  6. Sounds like Ali is the right girl for me. Thanks much! :tup:
  7. I have the Ali and its a comfy bag, I like where it sits. If you prefer a crossbody bag the hippie would be for you.
  8. I like the Hippie - it leaves me handsfree and drapes so nicely crossbody - it looks and feels really good on the body.