Ali, meet tPF, tPF meet my new Ali! *PICS*

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  1. So after months of longing, I finally went to the Coach boutique and bought the last white Ali they had in stock as a graduation present to myself!:yahoo:
    However, there is a crease along the front that does bother me a bit but hopefully that will fade away. Some bad luck hit me today as well. First of all, when I left work, it started pouring really hard and my Ali got caught in the middle and it got soaked! Luckily I don't see any water stains, however I forgot the advice the SA gave me: Beware of jean transfer on the leather. After my long bus ride home I take a look at the bottom of the bag and lo and behold, there is a bunch of blue on my white bag! haha So I freaked and grabbed a wet cloth and got most of it off. Phew! And this is only the first day with it!

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  2. What a GORGEOUS bag! Enjoy that beauty!
  3. Nice! Glad you were able to get most of the stain off...
  4. Well, nice to meet you, darlin'!! Congrats on your new home, bet your new mommy will take you out a lot this summer!!!
  5. The white Ali is heavenly! Glad you were able to get most of the stain out easily. You two have been through alot together!
  6. Congrats on your new white Ali! Dont worry, I have the same bag and it really isnt hard to care for dirt wise at all.
  7. Congrats on graduation and your new beautiful Ali! I have the whiskey Ali and love it.
  8. Congratulations! Now go get some Apple Leather Conditioner it's moisturizer and protectant. It will help keep her clean and supple. Ranskimmie is right she is not hard to care for. Also, water stains don't show up or absorb into the white or black like the brown, natural and whiskey.
  9. Congrats on your new bag and graduation! Now you need to get that Coach umbrella to help protect her from more rain.
  10. Congrats on graduating!!! Great bag
  11. Gorgeous bag! I am liking the white Legacy bags more and more!
  12. The SA told me not to use any products on I'm not sure. They told me only to use a wet cloth or to rub my finger against a scratch. So you say that the protectants and moisturizers work?

    Thanks everyone for the compliments!
  13. Yes, it works! I promise!!!! It's safe. It's not a wax or an oil, but like a light lotion. I'll be posting pics of my revised collection by the end of the week. You'll see the White Ali, actually, all my Ali's look great. I wouldn't do it if I thought it would ruin my leathers.
  14. Fabulous bag! Congrats.
  15. Congrats!!! :yahoo:What a gorgeous bag! I love the Ali in white!